Escargot and YMSG (Yahoo! Messenger)

Hello people.

I just want to make it official that yes, Valtron and I got YMSG set up on Escargot. I say Valtron and I because Valtron kickstarted it with a simple TCP listener, a packet encoder/decoder, and some basic service code. I supplied the rest and eventually made it fit in the current infrastructure of Escargot. If you want to examine the codebase, go here:

With YMSG revived, not only can we bring back one of the “Big Four” (the big four IM applications), but we can also bring back the long awaited Yahoo and MSN interoperability! Yep, folks, you heard it right. Yahoo and MSN users could chat with each other without any fancy prerequisites. Just think of the many possibilities. :stuck_out_tongue:

We plan to start out with YMSG9/10, implemented on Yahoo! client versions 5.0-5.5, then work our way up to YMSG16 (and if it does exist, YMSG17+). So all versions will be implemented, and everyone will get their slice of cake.

See ya! :slight_smile:



THANK YOU !!!Body seems unclear, is it a complete sentence?

cool and good

Nice and good.


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cool as ice, good as b e p i s

(Body seems unclear, is it a complete sentence?)

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What’s the server URL? Is it “” or something else?

Right now, the YMSG frontend is incomplete. But basically, yes, the same URL that hosts the MSNP frontend will possibly host the YMSG frontend alongside, unless there are arising conflicts with hosting both frontends together.

Okay :stuck_out_tongue:

really depends what ports get used when hosting a Yahoo! Messenger Server

Yahoo! Messenger uses port 5050 for YMSG communication, so it’s highly likely that the YMSG frontend will be hosted on the same URL that the MSNP frontend is on. When I said unless there were arising conflicts, I meant internal server goof ups or if something weird were to happen with the YMSG frontend.

guess this means “we haven’t tested yet”?, i wonder how this new development of Escargot will work, maybe it will run like the normal branch?, or a special “yahoo” parameter while running python dev

I had tested the code on my local network, and it’s doing pretty fine. I just meant asyncio goofing up randomly.

ASync? depends what the log will say now, will it?

I mean, it was a hypothetical, but yesterday, the YMSG frontend wouldn’t even accept connections until I realized that the __slots__ variable wasn’t properly configured, even though I hadn’t gotten any Python errors. Just one of the many ways asyncio can goof up without you even noticing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Whoops, almost forgot to address that. No, the YMSG server will run with the other frontends. But you do have to adjust a variable in “” before it can actually function.

what does even contain?, all i’ve done (because it doesn’t exist in the git), is copy and paste as, and edited a bit.

“” is just, but can override any settings in as needed. It’s meant for local testing.

what a guess, not actually surprised, but not instructed in to make one