Escargot and YMSG (Yahoo! Messenger)


Actually, the instructions are in :slight_smile:


where?, i’ve not seen them.


It’s listed after “install dependencies.”


huh, never seen that before.



I finally got Yahoo Messenger 5.5 to log in! :smiley: Just got to get messaging and extra packets out of the way, and it’s a deal.




NVM, it doesn’t work


This is for Escargot, specifically. Also, I wanted to start from the oldest Yahoo client that works on modern operating systems. So why not Yahoo! Messenger 5.5, which uses YMSG10? :slight_smile:

P.S.: With Escargot’s YMSG support, don’t expect random server shutdowns like a certain Wildman’s server :wink:


How do we log in and create an account?


I doubt there is a server yet.
The closest is Wildman’s server.


random shutdowns? since when is alpha stage software supposed to be a model of stability and reliability :unamused:


The last time your Yahoo! server had fully shut down, I had assumed the server itself had malfunctioned. I haven’t really touched server stuff up until last year, so I had thought that server software wouldn’t malfunction in terms of stability. Guess I was wrong. :confused:



Well, shoot. I’ve hit a snag with contact management. Specifically, when sending contact requests. I tried every twist and turn, and nothing seems to work. I am working with YMSG9/10, so I guess things are different in terms of key-value fields. Please bare with me here. :sweat:

Regarding the Escargot YMSG server's progress
When they start patching WLM 2009

we are with u :smiley:


IMs revived (3/4)

MSN/Windows Live Messenger
Aol. Instant Messenger
Yahoo! Messenher


I congratulate our fellow Messenger fanatics on the progress of their project. It’s possible I may be able to lend some assistance. I’m working on a similar project targeting Messenger 5.6, 6.0, 8.1, and 11.0 with connectivity to XMPP, IMPP, and a custom back end and other components to support voice and webcam support. I do not recommend targeting 7.x, 9.x, or 10.x as there is very little value in supporting that many versions of the protocol and that many work arounds.

There are a lot of XML files that are downloaded post-login which contain configuration information for audibles, emoticons, websites, etc. These files are signed and cannot be modified without making Messenger tilt on itself or if you’re lucky if just ignores it. There are other services provided by websites such as, etc. that will need to be provided as many features will not function without them. This includes the chat category list and topic/room list. If these files are not present the features either work incorrectly (i.e. crash, hang, do nothing) or can be disabled. In other cases you can end up with features that shouldn’t be active at all (voice chat or create chat room in Messenger 8.1.

You can see my current progress on YouTube @ or my blog @ (seriously considering switching to Twitter). I’m made a lot of headway since the latest video was posted but I do have a fair amount of the basic functionality mocked or working through the loopback processor.


i miss the 11.0


Nice job on your end! You’ve made much more progress than I’ve had, but that’s only because I had trouble with contact manangement on YMSG10 (specifically, directing contact requests).

Sucks that the config files server-side were signed, unless the signatures are hard-coded into the executables. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you don’t mind, could you share the details on the “contact request” packet structure, a.k.a. the packet that displays the contact request dialog? Via reply or PM would be fine. :stuck_out_tongue:

A little bit of critique on your videos:

They’re good. Very insightful, but I’d HIGHLY recommend getting OBS to remove any pesky watermarks (unless you’re not interested lol). It’s mainly a streaming program, but with the right configuration, it will probably become your next best screen recorder. :smiley:


As for things like the extra services and Yahoo! Chat, I’m not really focusing on those. Just want the basics out of the way. Makes it easier for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

I will consider implementing Yahoo! Chat in the future once the Escargot Yahoo! server is live. :stuck_out_tongue:


like he recommends 5.2 (if i remember) because it had most features that 6.0 removed… Yahoo! was doing this annoyance longer than you thought.