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Separate site dedicated to Windows Live or MSN (18)
Purple MSN (1)
Escargot in BRAZIL (4)
Why not profit from escargot? (15)
eMSN Rebranding / Homepage (6)
Escargot live Essentials (2)
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Put WLM 8.5 on Escargot Page (1)
We need Escragot for wlm [all versions] (12)
Escargot Reboot project:Make your logo for this (12)
We need to create a Escargot Server for Xbox and Xbox 360 (7)
Another suggestion, another day (1)
Suggestion about an MSN Translator (8)
Suggestion ples reed (9)
Can Escargot revive Msn explorer? ( 2 ) (21)
If the Escargot team releases a beta testing thing, can they call it "Escargot Snails"? (3)
New Escargot Logo (4)
Screen Sharing for MSN Messenger? (20)
Maybe an Music Sharing program for Escargot Would be great idea? (3)
MSN Chat experimentation (8)
Maybe AOL Instant Messenger server thing? (8)
Suggestions for Escargot Messenger Games (2)
You should allow donations (6)
Add WLM 8.X Support! (3)
Getting Windows CE Messenger to work with Escargot or other servers (3)
Wink sharing msn (1)
How to setup Windows Media Player with windows Live Messenger 2012 (2)
MSN is slowly killing messenger. We need an alternative (6)