Escargot Web Client


A web client that connects to Escargot would be great for users who aren’t running Windows and don’t have the option of WINE or virtual machines, i.e. mobile. Because the Escargot website is based off of Python under the hood, this could possibly be integrated into it.


This could help people who run a phone system that everyone else don’t have these days; such as Blackberry phones and technically there is no app for msn messenger on blackberry anymore. Microsoft had their messenger in the Blackberry App World store and then it got taken off. so either Beejiveim or Web Messenger (MSN) (Web Messenger App World Link) (Beejiveim App World Link) could be modified (modified as in fixed not recreated or jailbroken). Web Messenger (MSN) runs a web page instead of an actual app function while Beejiveim is a multi-Messenger app that doesn’t run a web page inside to use it; instead Beejiveim runs all instant messaging services in actual app functions. I don’t have the phone yet so I am not able to pull out the apps from the phone.


you can download the windows live messenger for blackberry in this site:

all the versions here:


I’ve been saying this for a long time!


it’s not patched though. so I can’t really use it.


I am sorry to revive the thread, but I think it is a relly good idea and I will love to see it as a reality.


I did begin writing one but I never figured out session management stuff. If you’ve any ideas:


Thanks :slight_smile: