Looking for some help with Switchboard session management


Hello! I’m currently stuck on this issue:

Let’s say someone hits you up on Messenger. You receive the RNG command and start a new Switchboard connection.

However, once you idle for a bit, you or the other person will disconnect, sending the BYE command. But then, if they want to talk to you again, they’ll send you another RNG.

Right now, I have a switchboardSessions variable which is an object (map) that holds another object with the key being the Switchboard session ID. I also have the Switchboard gateway session ID (because I’m using the HTTP gateway). Example:

add to switchboardSessions...:
parts[1]: {
              gatewayId: gatewaySessionId,
              sessionId: parts[1],
              server: parts[2],
              authKey: parts[4],
              email: parts[5],
              nick: parts[6]

I also have a messages object, which uses the Switchboard session ID (not gateway). Example:

messages: {
        sessionId: [
            from: '(user email)',
            text: 'HI',
            time: new Date()

The issue would be when they talk to you, the session ID is different. How should I tackle managing this? That is, how would I know what switchboard session was the original?

Another issue would be group conversations… :frowning:

Note: this is MSNP8.


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Once again, if you don’t understand it you probably aren’t the target audience :confused:

I’m trying to figure out something really odd.


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I’m trying to say that I don’t understand it either, hence this post’s existence.


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Let’s face it, I don’t think this school playground is the place to ask such questions. Discorde forums-less principle renders this board totaly useless and clutered. None of Escargot developers really look at MG anymore due to the vast quantity of useless posts (~ 99-98%). If you want answers, just post a picture of a scratched CD :expressionless:

We need a new place for such questions.


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Honestly, I couldn’t agree more. Sometimes I see the most useless threads that aren’t in “Raw and Random” (“What file is responsible for the WLM UI?”, “Is valtron testing WLM 14/2009 or is it fake hurr durr”, “Would a MessengerGeek forum simulator be a good idea?”, etc. etc.). Speaking of the “Raw and Random” category, I had initially though it would be a good idea to let people show off their humorous side, but instead, we got filler post after filler post after bland joke after Leo thread (why was mocking Leo_Historias even a good idea? :confused:). Heck, even people asked where valtron was, when in fact, he basically left the forum (Before Raymonf had told me about valtron’s resignation, I had seen that valtron was still active on GitLab at the time).

Yes, we should get a forum up and running for topics specific to Escargot development, to weed out nonsense and useless threads (and possibly watch this forum’s eventual death because it has become the shell of something formerly useful).


Every developers left the forum. We can’t spend hours filtering interesting topics and, on each topic, filtering interesting answers. We need a closed forum where we only allow developers. I will talk with the team to know what we can do.


I 100% agree with everything you said.

Only problem is, how will we set up a forum? I don’t specifically mean stuff like web design, but how will we get one open? Are there any forum services that allow us to open a forum? Stuff like that should be put into consideration.


I’ll host it. Give me a few hours and I should have something set up.


@valtron @tristanleboss @OhHelloThereImTheGuy

Done: https://escargot.nobelium.xyz/

Questions like these aren’t really a thing for the issue tracker, so… :confused:

Anyone is welcome to register, but if you spam, you will be banned. There’s a special rank for developers which unlocks a tag/section called “Secret”. It’s a place for serious topics. Keep your stuff here, please (sorry @TReKiE :sweat_smile:).