WLM For Android


Make a .exe to a .apk to wlm 8.5 because it had a .jar.


cough cough mercury messenger cough cough


No. Not that. Just convert the exe. That isn’t wlm! I’m just looking for a wlm 8.5 app for android. It’s simple.


you think that is simple convert a .exe for .apk ? this inst simple


Then a .jar.


that i dont know , but the .jar version dont work anyway


mercury is your best option , it connects to escargot server , so why not use it ?


is it really that simple to convert exe to apk? lmao


I was trying to say that it’s simple only if you have the tools for it.


you know that’s not how codding works. mercury messenger is your best option, the patched one on this forum that is


nope , windows and android have different kernels , so this is not possible


Windows uses the NT Kernel, while android uses a mobile optimizied version of Linux, and 32bit/64bit and arm are entirely different things


Oh yeah. Sorry.


NT Kernel + Android + .exe compatibility = Windows Linux Android.


just use mercury messenger


I couldn’t even sign in to it the last time I used it.


Yesterday I logged on by Mercury using MSNP15 and it worked properly, your cell phones are in trouble or the APK is corrupted…


Try msnp21


Escargot don’t support MSNP21.


Just try it