BETA 2: Mercury Messenger for android with MSNP15 and MSNP11 support


Again, thanks to @tristanleboss without him, this and many things would be impossible.

(*) Escargot server by @valtron now supports MSNP11 and MSNP15 at the moment. Then you need to select it in the “Other” option as in the images below. The application is already old and may have compatibility issues with versions above 4.3. (No MSNP21 support)


Version 4.0.2 Build 03 Beta 2 (MSNP15 and MSNP11):!4041&authkey=!AK_xr7tXsL8Y3Ho

For old versions with only MSNP11 support, check (OLD) BETA: Mercury Messenger for android with only MSNP11 support

** Before installing, you need to make sure that the “unknown sources” option is checked in Settings> Security> Unknown Sources in order to install outside the PlayStore.

1) Choose New Account option.

2) Type your Escargot email, your password, then select “Other” option. Switch from MSNP21 to MSNP11 as the picture shows. And press sign in button.

Good fun MessengerGeek and Escargot users. :wink:

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Great work, man!!! :smiley:


Great! @tristanleboss and @Mateus_Rick! :smiley:


Again, big thanks to you!


@Mateus_Rick THANK YOU, for one more time man…


if somebody wants to know, he just copied over the MSNP11 protocol to the MSNP15 switch, because i can’t even offline message because it says i use MSNP11 and offline messaging isn’t supported in that version.



No, you’re 100% wrong. Please don’t spread bullshit.

He made the change so MSNP15 works. He tested with me and trust me that’s MSNP15 that is used along with the new SOAP servers.

Offline Messaging is not supported in Escargot yet so there is no way he could make it working in Mercury.


differnces beetween msnp 11 & 15?


slower loading screen to MSN?
msnp11 was just going normal, it takes x2 of the time to log in with msnp15 (for me)


MSNP15 is way more complex. It implies SOAP servers and not just the MSNP server anymore. It transfers way more data so if you have a slow internet access it may be slower to connect, for example.

You can, of course, still use MSNP11 :smiley:


Just state something with technical evidence…


What even are SOAP servers?


They are separate servers from the communication server that is responsible for storing your profile information, photo, contact list.

So you can have them on any computer without having to send photos or personal messages every time you access from a different computer.

In MSNP11 they were not needed, because the one who did all the paper was the communication server.

Since version 7.5, they have been implemented to be responsible for authenticating the messenger as well.




First, thanks for reviving the app.
Then, there are some little remarks about the app (& escargot too).
I’d installed the build 1 of the app -> build 2 (before you release the 3rd one)
can’t connect to my account (, it says that I’ve entered a wrong email/password (I’ll explain why, later)
then, I installed the 3rd build, & it didn’t work. (the same message : wrong email …)
I after that, I’ve uninstalled the app and installed again
and the surprise is that when opening the app it shows my account (means that even uninstalling the app doesn’t mean removing all data related to the app)
so I deleted the account from app, move to android settings -> apps -> mercury messenger … remove cache + uninstall from all users + delete mercury folder in internal storage
install it again. (build 3 of course)
now, I tried not only my first account (primary account) but even the second one (
trying all protocols, of course, and no results (sign in request timed out/ wrong email …)
I think that even uninstalling the app … there are still some remaining data that I don’t know (other than mercury folder in internal storage)
now, trying another method that will explain that even deleting mercury messenger completely (following steps I did before) there will be still some remaining data
that means mercury messenger (build 3) will use old protocols from old builds (1 & 2) instead of the ones in build 3
I sandboxed mercury messenger build 3 (like installing it in a new isolated system) using samsung secure folder (Knox, Android 7.0, Samsung experience 8.1)
I tried first my 2nd account with MSNP 15 & it didn’t work, using MSNP 11 and it woooooorks loooool
now, with the 1st account, didn’t work with all protocols
why? I found out that the email with Maj. letters & with minuscules aren’t the same (tried it with WLM 8.5) so it’s like that my email ( without Maj. has no account.
Mercury messenger app convert my email Maj. letters to minuscule ones.
Edit: loooool that’s a looong story XD


Unfortunately Mercury has had some bugs since its launch in 2011. Without the official developer and without the source code, we can do nothing to fix problems. Also we are not specialized in coding applications for android and neither program them, just change their servers.


but how do you do that? Luckypatcher or something?


Do not.
I have some knowledge about android system, kernel, modded roms that I acquired a few years ago while attending a developer forum. Then some things I can do. Port roms from one device to another different for example. Putting together some of what we know (@tristanleboss and me), we can better understand how everything works. Mercury is an application with encryption.

Also now I work with physical repairs on motherboard of android devices.