Implement WLM 2011/2012 social networking features

These versions of the messenger differ from the 2009 one in that they have a connection to the social network of Windows Live. There was an opportunity to follow the posts of friends, their new photos and ect. If the vatron is going to revive them, then how will he do it? It will only revive the messenger itself? Then they will not practically differ from the 2009 … Or will it be some kind of replacing the windows live network?

I heard that it somehow can be connected to facebook
but i think thats is not possible now


it cant be fixed cause microsoft terminated the ability to link these services

Microsoft 2018.


by the way this contact finder is still works.

FB killed off the API.

Not even a current API we could use to translate the new API data to the old one? :stuck_out_tongue:

Or is there no API anymore period?

I’m pretty sure they killed every public API because they want you to use Messenger…

On I tried to make an old 2009 script to work but needed a new api and Now Facebook doesn’t have that anymore and actually blocked my acc. for 2 weeks