Suggestions for Escargot. (don't put versions of MSN or WLM

put your suggestions in the reply field. i will forward all your suggestions to @valtron

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Some suggestions that i have

1: Calling and videocalling support: MSN Messenger needs call/videocall support, MSN Messenger works for communication, and the calls is needed, i did a post about how to call in Gruveo to MSN Messenger contacts: How to use Gruveo to call or videocall to MSN Messenger contacts.

2: Tell to YouTubers or Bloggers about Escargot: Telling about Escargot to YouTubers and Bloggers is important, we need to say to this YouTubers/Bloggers to make a tutorial of how to install MSN Messenger with Escargot and get more users. I already did this with two spanish-talk YouTubers, one with 639 subs and the other with 2,0k subs, i tell to this YouTubers about Escargot via Facebook.

3: Contact programmers to make games: We need some programmers to make games with: HTML, Flash,etc.

4: Valtron need to be more active: I know what Valtron is a human with occupations and a real life, but sometimes Valtron need to connect and view some new things about Escargot, and help a little bit :wink:

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why would you tell youtubers/bloggers about msn messenger the community at the moment is very nice and has clean language I think we should keep it that way


for me video chat works but just in case i will forward this to valtron

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that is true

rant rant war war

why do you keep saying rant rant war war what does it mean

i say that when messengergeek complains that i used all caps or complains that my reply is too short

oh now I understand why

and valtron is on vacation. i don’t know when he will be back

also more users do not need to join because every one today has a smart phone with snapchat or facebook to text people, if people want to join escargot messenger they can but every one else is using a different texting app or program

also trying to give youtubers like markiplier a tutorial on how to install msn messenger is extremely hard because there are soooooooo many comments on those youtube channels that once you leave a comment it will be thrown to the bottom of the page by the new incoming comments and the amount is not small

a suggestion i have is getting chat rooms and phone working

Suggestions for MSN:

  • Support the connection to Facebook when WLM 2012 is supported;

  • Creation of an MSN plugin that checks all URLs sent and received along with a scan site (such as VirusTotal) to check if the link is a phishing or malware download page (if Escargot gets popular with sure the famous “MSN Virus” will come back or new will be created) and warn the user (this would be a tricky part, but it would be good);

  • Leave some reliable valtron user to take care of Escargot server when the valtron is on vacation (as it is now) in case it falls, can be restarted (this has happened recently).


Another suggestion, connect Gruveo with MSN Messenger, Example: One user wants to call the other user, the user clicks the Call button in the chat and Chrome or Firefox opens in a call in Gruveo :slight_smile:

or fix the WLM Web Bar

About the MSN plugin, what about McAfee? xD

Some plugin that scans URLs sent and received on your MSN.

I get it

Kind of like a virus scanner

Avast? Avast has a service of Mail Scanning, what about URL scanning?

That could work. I’m not sure though because i am not an escargot worker