Back then, there was a live groups where people would talk with each other on msn. You would create the chatroom on and was given an address like "" to share and add on msn.

So, why not to revive that? I guess a few people here remembers it. xD

I think you’re talking about WLM circles.

Those weren’t implemented until WLM 2009, a version of MSN we haven’t gotten to supporting yet, mostly due to its connection quirks and the time it’s taking right now to crack the code.

In the meanwhile, you’ll have to deal with temporary multi-user conversations. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh. I now realize you were talking about a completely different service.

From what I’ve read on, I can only assume it utilized some sort of bot-like software server-side in order for the “group IDs” to act like a single group chat, as in get the messages users send and output them to other users. Not that hard to reconstruct from scratch. :stuck_out_tongue:

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uhh yeah, I don’t remember anything of the sort. thanks for bringing it to attention though. nice revival suggestion.

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@tristanleboss documented circles in issue #62. I’m not sure if it’s complete but it seems easy enough.

If I find the motivation to implement it during the summer I’ll do it /shrug