Can you revive aMSN with Escargot?

Can Escargot revive aMSN client? Because aMSN ported WLM to Windows 9x. Can anyone make it live again?

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I don’t think so, aMSN uses protocols that are not yet implemented in valtron’s MSN server, Escargot. But if we’re getting WLM 2009, maybe that could be done.

The latest aMSN version I believe uses the same protocol as WLM 8.5 (MSNP15), so as long as you know how to replace the correct URLs and strings, it’s possible to use aMSN on Escargot.

Sadly i don’t know how to make that happen.

Maybe if you redirected all the addresses Escargot needed from the original servers to Escargot would work.

I will try to do something here later.

If Wikipedia is right, it also supports old MSN protocols.


What are those Escargot URLs? And which file from aMSN installation needs to be edited to make it work?

Ah, I was wrong then. Well, it would be cool if we could make it work then.

What are the these urls that Escargot uses?