Escargot Member Directory

Will there be an Escargot Member Directory (just like how the real MSN Messenger had)?
That would be nice.


yeah it would be good
i agree

we need it.

then try PMing @valtron

That would be very cool!

@valtron has internal access to the Escargot service, not @TReKiE. You’re basically asking for another contact megathread if that’s the case. :stuck_out_tongue:

as always people are too little to understand the complexity of escargot.

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I’m just reviving this back from the dead. I am currently building one with searchable fields :slight_smile:

I would like some input to what people would like to be able to search.

For example,

Return all fields that are between a certain age.
Return all fields that are male.
Return all fields that have the second name tinkerbell.

e.t.c e.t.c e.t.c.

OK, sounds good.

What if people just want to casually chat with their friends every now and then? Wouldn’t they then be exposed for everyone to add?

Then they don’t have to add said person or register in the database ? :slight_smile:

Well, the first part made sense, but the second one didn’t.

I know what you mean. If you don’t want to be added then don’t use it. If you remember MSN addies was given out all over the place.

If you don’t want to be found then don’t add yourself to the database?

Oh, it’s an “add yourself” thing?

Sorry, I’ve hardly used MSN.

I tried but it only gave an error that says to contact you

I have corrected this issue :slight_smile: should work now. I am currently in the process of doing few things.

it’s cool but i think it should be somewhat like the AIM User Directory where you can search by interest or have random people display on the home screen along with being able to search by name

That’s do able :slight_smile: I need to get the back end done first. The front end can be developed. I have a cool bootstrap index live right now.

cool. i really like the idea. maybe we can stop all of those contact threads (probably not).

We could stop all the contact threads as long as people knew where to find the main member directory :slight_smile: