Escargot XMPP Transport


While the conversation is still going on reviving multi-platform/mobile clients, a potential way to offer a broader range of compatibility is implement an XMPP server alongside the MSNP server. This means that any client that supports XMPP/Jabber (on pretty much any platform) can interact with the server without needing a compatible MSN client. Also, this would open up potential for a web-based client without reinventing the wheel, since there are open source web-based XMPP clients.

The main downside of this is that some features will not be compatible do to the differences between the two protocols. Another downside can of course be performance and the load on the server.

Thoughts on this?


Actually, Microsoft, near the end of the Messenger era, had a XMPP server for Messenger…

It would be cool to have the same functionnality on Escargot, for sure. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence but, a few hours before your message, I added it to the list of possible enhancements for Escargot along with some documentation on how it worked.

But, I’m realistic: we do not have the resssources to do it so, for now, it’s a just a line in a long bullets list.

That’s the problem with Escargot: we have a lot of users but just one developer and only a few geeks that really contribute things.


thats true i wish to know developing to help you. however we are many users that can test things for you and provide feedback.


I would help but I don’t have the brain smarts to do anything except contribute ideas and search the www for information on how things work. in other words, I’m less than capable of providing more than just messages on the forum. sorry that I can’t help more. it would be nice if I could help more than just messages with ideas and information in them though. by the way, thanks to all the escargot engineers, developers, and others for providing this for us all to use and share.

The XMPP server sounds nice tbh. lol been using XMPP since I was 15 years old so I know what it’s like to use XMPP instant messaging services. wonderful service and open source too.