Facebook Connect Revival

I know, I know, I KNOW that the release from wlm 2011 is far FAR away, but can someone make a replacement Facebook Connect server if wlm 2011 will be released?

Facebook connect was a service that allowed people to use facebook related services.
Wlm had that, you could chat with people with Facebook and get live feeds from other people.

I dont NEED IT, but its better than empty live feeds IF wlm 2011 will be released.


Lets hope that escargot developers do that when wlm 2011\12 supported

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The Facebook Connect thing I’m having second thoughts about. As Escargot’s direction to become a generic chat server with frontends utilizing a general backend is affecting a few plans we had in mind (one of them being intertwining the MSN frontend with Microsoft’s services), Facebook Connect is also being added to the list of things we can’t consider anymore for Escargot. First off, the APIs Facebook offered for feeds and messaging are long gone, so the Facebook feeds at the very least can’t be implemented, and even though Facebook Messenger’s still a thing, trying to intertwine any connected Facebook account from your Escargot account to its services would go against the standardized messaging goal valtron wants to achieve. If we were to implement a Facebook Messenger frontend regardless, then people on the MSN frontend could add people on the Facebook Messenger frontend as a normal contact anyway, since Escargot treats all frontends as an interface to a core service, meaning accounts are also generic. This was a similar situation with implementing the official MSN <-> Yahoo! interop on Escargot, and I’ve decided that it’d be for the best to just leave that out, as people would already have the ability to talk to Yahoo! contacts on MSN by adding them as a normal contact. This would be the same deal for MSN - Facebook interop.

Basically, don’t expect Facebook Connect integration with WLM to come anytime soon, I’m afraid.