Using ProxHTTPSProxy to avoid errors when using MSN/WLM messenger on Windows XP


Please note that this thread might be updated for reasons,so this will possibly change in the near future

If you use Windows XP on a VM or on a real computer and you wanted to use MSN/WLM or even Google Chrome without SSL errors? Well there’s a solution to it!
First what you will need is:
Windows XP with SP3,(Fully updated),Internet Explorer 8 TLS1.2 support with the POSReady 2009 “trick”

Credits to Heinoganda for making this cool thing!

First download the Proxy. The password is:


Extract it to a folder or somewhere where you will be able to find it. Now that you extracted them you will see 4 folders:
Open “ProxHTTPSProxyMII_CertIns_Windows” folder and double click on “ProxHTTPS Cert Install.exe” wait a few seconds and then go back to and you will need to open these 2 folders:
“ProxHTTPSProxyMII_REV3a_noUPX” is for slower computers/processors
ProxHTTPSProxyMII_REV3a_UPX" is for faster computers/processors
In the folder your going to see this content:
Open “ProxySwitch”
Press A in this case. Now that you activated it open “ProxHTTPSProxy_PSwitch” and wait a few seconds,if a Windows Firewall warning comes up click “Unblock”
Your proxy window should look like this:
Now every time you will have to open “ProxHTTPSProxy_PSwitch” because it wont work after all. You can put it in the “Startup” folder(“Paleistis” in lithuanian in this case) like i do:image
So you wont bother to every time open it :stuck_out_tongue:
NOTE: You cannot close the window of the proxy because it won’t work like that :stuck_out_tongue:

For Chrome/Chroumium based browsers users!
Your all done,enjoy!

For Firefox based browser users!
Drag the “CA” file from the proxy’s folder into the browsers blank tab spot:
Check everything and click OK. Your good to go(also a note: in my expierence Pale Moon browsers like New Moon,Mypal… don’t display some sites correctly, this issue will possibly be fixed soon!)

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hoyl fucking shit did you just crack up a fix for mother fucking WLM 8.5?!?!?!??!?!?!


Uhhh did you not install Unicode support?


I didnt make the password :stuck_out_tongue:


Not really a fix, more a work around. I did try this but couldn’t get 8.5 to sign in for some reason. Installing app after app to get something working really isn’t a nice solution. :frowning:


you is god for find this software fix all bug msn in xp

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I get a 403 forbidden error when I click the link to download the proxy.


zippyshare is banned in the UK :thinking:


probably because piracy


Try this.!yellows111/ProxHTTPSProxyMII_REV3a_PY344.7z
Username is anon and password is the same as the username. This also does not have a password in the archive.


That link worked. Thanks! :slight_smile:


May I suggest that you add some alt text to the images in this post and any future posts? It helps explain to blind/visually impaired users such as myself what is in the pictures. Thanks :slight_smile:


I have the Posready 2009 trick, I have TLS 1.1 and 1.2 enabled, I did everything correctly as per the instructions in the article and I still can’t seem to sign into Windows Live Messenger 8.1. Also, in IE, I get a cannot display the webpage error when trying to access, suggesting that there is a connection issue between my Windows XP VM and the server. Just to clarify, the proxy server window was left open the whole time.


I can’t seem to be able to download the Proxy, can someone please tell me where to click? :slight_smile:


if you can’t download the file from zippyshare use this link