Account does not exist error

I can’t use a version of Windows Messenger 4.7 that I patched using an account with Old MSN Support enabled. The messenger says the account is non-existent, or the password is incorrect. I always type my password correctly.

Are you using the Windows Messenger 4.7.3001, from Windows XP SP3?

What build of Messenger are you using?

I am using the Messenger version preinstalled with XP. (4.7.3001)

It needs to be patched using MSN 5 - 6 process. Check here:

That uses msn 5.0s protocol and patching methods, uninstall that and install a version thats older than 4.7.2005.

I don’t think I will uninstall it, and i’m happy Notepad++ is compatible with XP.

You might have issues signing in because of its protocol that forces HTTPS for login, and Escargot’s HTTPS support on XP is really wonky, so i recommend you use an older version.

I will try patching using the 5-6 method, and I will come back to your solution if that one does not work.

Spamming login, or using ProxHTTPSProxy is necessary for it to work properly.

In case of an error, you can try to use this workaround.
It’s kind of complex, it’s much easier to follow what @EpicTaco404 said before.

You’ll really have better(?) luck with patching Windows CE Messenger

Now that would be pretty cool to do.