Problems with the snailscape discord server

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Problem 5 or something: Basicly i got unverified for saying tot DL nobody cares about you.Then he unverified @Machintosh_Lapfan, @OhHelloThereImTheGuy and @appledoo
But why?They didnt do.anything


And btw heres dl account @pie :slight_smile:


yea that’s what I was implying by my reply, DL sent Nojus a picture of his reply with the exact same avatar pie has [src: the Discord]

bit suspicious since they were just seen 19 minutes ago :thinking:


Well the server being “verification-only” has been resolved, by @Deathlife23 out of all people. So that’s been dealt with.

But there’s still @Deathlife23 himself to deal with.


Let me make an update on what has been resolved over the past couple days. Everything so far has been mostly put back into place before this all started. Web has come back on the moderation team and @msnnostalgia’s mod role has been reinstated with all mod trials being reset to 7 days again starting from Tuesday. Verification is still in place but everyone who joins will get verified and anyone who was unverified at the issue times have been let back in. With that being said, things have returned back to normal and with (I hope) better moderation and hopefully we’ll all have a better grasp on how to handle issues in the future.

I feel that no more action is needed at this time and I hope everyone can still enjoy being there and put past differences and conflict behind them. If you have any issues with the way things are being handled then please message me. Thanks for understanding and I hope if you haven’t already you stop by sometime to check out the discussion and the Snailscape project as a whole.


While true, you’ve fixed the situation with the server, let’s see what else you’ve done to improve the quality of Snailscape.

Yes. Absolutely nothing else. But do you want to know what you forgot to do?

Deal with the person that started it all. @Deathlife23.

Just because he apologized and begged for sympathy doesn’t mean he’ll be a saint forever, especially on the Snailscape team. I don’t care how long it takes for him to slip up again. You should deal with the problem as soon as you get the chance.

I’m pretty disappointed in your decision making (that you’ve repeated multiple times) and at this point, if this goes on, I’ll have to stop going on the Discord.


dl should just go back to hoarding spaghetti


Something I should have made more clear is that I’m not going to discuss personal issues between me and him publicly. You’re assuming things such as him begging me for sympathy but the truth is that I haven’t discussed what happened behind the scenes with him and I’m not going to.


Personal? What’s personal about an admin screwing with your project? What’s personal about someone unfairly muting people and talking trash about them behind their back? What’s personal about them shutting down and defacing your site? What’s personal about crappy administration? Yes, his intentions from what you’ve told me (which were assumed, last time I check) were personal, but the outcome wasn’t. How is calling that personal justified?

If he screwed over your stuff, but had personal intentions behind it, then that’s no excuse to keep him on the team. If he screws up again, then what are you going to do? The same thing you’ve done over and over again? Slap him on the wrist and tell him not to do it again?

I can’t force you to fire @Deathlife23 from the team, but if you don’t and his screw-ups get worse with each attempt, don’t expect everyone to tolerate it anymore.


That’s not what I meant. What I meant was the way I dealt with him was something that I wasn’t going to talk about. I didn’t mean that the issues themselves were personal.


hey floobby , lets say what DL did

edited the website for childish motives
muted people for telling opinions
harrased people
muted the gateway for one person
abused his power of admins
reversed actions you made
deleted annoucements that you made
and more that i dont remenber at the moment

are you sure you will not do anything about he ?


It’s as simple as saying whether DL will be fired or not. You don’t have to add any more details.


oh god, what you will mke about that


Maybe @Floobby wants to NOT to fire @Deathlife23 because as he said when he got unbanned on snailscape: Snailscape would be a dead project already because people hate me.


Did the controversy of @Deathlife23 started because he didn’t shut up about CatMessenger “using” Ashley’s MSN and A-Patch? I mean yeah that was old news and almost no one remembered CatMessenger. Ah yes the era when @Deathlife23 made a lot of stuff related to MSN stuff. Before he closed them all. That was long before MSN Love. made by another person.

It appears that he long since left the forums. With the last being a reply on Poll: Should I make a MessengerGeek forum simulator?. According to What do you think about @Deathlife23's ban?, It could have been because of a ban.

@Deathlife23 reminds me a bit of @Leo_Historias. You know. The kid who jumped from “PinkFong videos” to “MessengerGeek”. @Deathlife23 liked making a lot of projects. @Leo_Historias as well. Both of them were banned at one point. All of their projects failed or got closed down. They both started to hate on MessengerGeek. They both talked at me at one point.

Last but not least… They both caused 2 different controversies on messengergeek.

What happend to Leo? I don’t know. Now almost everyone knows what happend to deathlife. He switched to… ICQ? maybe not. He’s on discord.

Source: Deathlife23 won’t shut up about a certain person’s server and WindowsXPCat2008 admits that he used Ashley’s MSN Server + A-Patch for CatMessenger + more posts i don’t remember.


I wouldn’t really have an issue with this reply if you didn’t go off the rails and squeeze your bias in there. Three things worth noting are:

Give him a break. He’s a foreigner. He might not understand most English.

@Deathlife23’s stopped for the time being, and he didn’t even ban anyone during the fiasco. But who knows when it’ll happen again.



I understand he’s a foreigner. Back in 2013 my english was shit as well.
So the first post of THIS THREAD is obsolete?
Some of my infomation might be over exaggerated. Like that “Leo playing Fortnite” part.


literally me at some point