Problems with the snailscape discord server

@Deathlife23 is the admin of this server , and he abuses this powers alot
he disabled the fucntion of changing nicknamed because ‘’ if you guys dont call me flaappy , i will disable the feature ‘’ , i said that this was dumb and he muted me , for telling my opinion , he also changed my nickname to ‘‘vocaloid is anime’’ for some minutes just to piss me off

honeslty , if @Deathlife23 continues abusing his powers , i dont know what people will do in that server , nobody can say anything , or he will mute you

Then leave the server?

I’m conflicted as to whether or not this should be left here, although I’ve been contemplating a Snailscape category, so maybe it should.

Back to the topic at hand, shouldn’t this be addressed by @Floobby since ultimately he is the one in control of that project/server(s)? And if it’s not/can’t be addressed satisfactory, I would recommend leaving until it is.

having not been on the snailscape discord for a while, he may have given ownership to DL

I’ve told @Floobby numerous times, from back when @Deathlife23 picked on me when I initially joined (along with getting two others to join him) to when he started muting the channels for everyone just because Hemoo and Pedro wouldn’t stop bickering back and forth. It worked earlier, but then @Floobby pulled a 180° and made Deathlife join back to the point he even gave back ownership of the Discord to him. Initially, things were looking up, but then he slipped up. At this point there’s no convincing Floobby.

Also, from what @Floobby told me, the Discord server was technically DL’s and the whole project was a collaborative effort. Basically, Floobby told DL he had an idea for an MSN Chat revival, and DL replied back stating that he did as well. Thus Snailscape was born. Even though it is a collaborative effort, all DL does is purchase and manage the servers, which I believe is something @Floobby can do (and he does manage the servers already), so it shouldn’t be a major loss to kick off DL again. :stuck_out_tongue:

OK so from what I’ve read, @Deathlife23 muted @PPCB/Pedro for not calling him by his current Discord name (Flaappy) and muted the gateway again just because of one single person. I’d end it with “@Deathlife23 really hasn’t changed, has he?”, but then there’s @msnnostalgia, who threatened Pedro that he’d be muted if he didn’t speak when he was unmuted, and the biggest problem of them all, @Floobby, who gave less of a crap when all of this stopped. He doesn’t seem to care about the quality of the user’s experience on the Snailscape Discord and Snailscape itself, and would rather leave it to DL and assume that everything will be OK. It isn’t.

Floobby, look in the mirror and realize what you’re doing by putting all your trust on DL. :confused:



A better idea would be confronting @Floobby about this as a group so that he finally decides on kicking DL and making sure that he doesn’t pull any 180°’s afterwards.

Thats a good idea but it anoyes me a bit that ss is connected with discord it feels just not right…

Its not , its just a discord server for snailscape . Its much easier way to talk about snailscape and if anyone needs any help and also for suggestions instead of using email to do all that but ig some users doesn’t use it right

what do you mean with that ?

I mean some users just dont use it to talk about snailscape all the time but its fine but some users just get personal or offensive and i’m not going to name names just because i dont want to start drama. Do i think you should be muted for talking about that DL has banned everyone from changing their username? No but he might took it in an offensive way. I really dont what actually happened cuz i wasn’t following up on what happened so i cant really say anything about this situation but for nojus to say we shouldn’t have a snailscape server is stupid !

that’s the awnser i nedeed

Well i’m glad that you got the answer that you wanted !

While I agree with @hemoo023, there’s still the bigger picture: the fact that @Floobby is the one who let this nonsense take ground in the first place. When @Deathlife23 slips up, it takes a lot of persuasion to get @Floobby to see what Deathlife’s doing, and even then, all he’ll do is give Deathlife a slap on the wrist. He only kicked him out one time, and after a while he let him back on. Right after Deathlife caused another scene about me being an admin at the time, mind you. @Floobby should get off his high horse and be responsible for once.


Funny how when @Floobby claimed he’d kick off @Deathlife23, the next day he’s still standing and even muted the OP again for “drama” because he told them to stop unnecessarily talking about how he and me are the worst people on Earth with someone else. So much for preventing drama. :unamused:

With this mess getting worse each time, I’m vouching to make a fan Discord. Snailscape itself isn’t bad, and I’d like to see it take off soon. But with @Deathlife23 holding positions for moderating, the community will just hold back.

yes , he muted people for ‘‘drama’’ but he is talking about the exact same topic :stuck_out_tongue:

@Deathlife23 is fucked this server


Easy, Ban from MG, Ban from discord server, Done

  1. he is already banned from MG
  2. its the snailscape discord server , not messenger geek discord server smh
  3. he is a admin