Problems with the snailscape discord server


I meant the snailspace server

Sh*t then


Well I got the time to assemble a new server, primarily as a refuge from the one owned by the monster known as @Deathlife23. I got a few people on, and everything seems to be going well. Come join us! :stuck_out_tongue:


Excuse me? I never worded that phrase with the intention of threatening Pedro. You are just trying to get me a bad reputation. Also, he would get muted even if I didn’t “threathened” him because DL said he would get muted if he didn’t speak. I was just trying to tell him like “Dude. If you don’t speak, DL is gonna mute you.” But it looks like my wording caused some confusion. I apologize for any inconvenients caused.


Honestly i feel like at this point you guys are making such a big deal out of it , most of you are just mad because dl wasn’t kicked of the snailscape team , I understand the shit he did is wrong and really stupid and unacceptable but now i feel like its being pushed further and now its mostly people wanting to create other servers so people join them and not actually wanting to solve the issue anymore or even discuss it to know what to do and what problems are there to solve instead of calling each other monsters just because you wanted dl off the team but he is not . This thread should have been down a long time ago. People are even now using this to dm DL and attack him and brag about it .


And what do you propose as a solution to solve the problem without making “a big deal”?

We’re displeased with @Deathlife23 still being on the team because this isn’t the first time he’s trashed the quality of Snailscape. There was the period of time where he muted the IRC gateway all because of one person. There’s also the time where he picked on me and another user to the point where he changed my nickname to something insulting, added me to insulting roles, and disabled the ability to change my nickname while he made petty jokes about me and the other user. Then when I was an administrator of the Discord, @Deathlife23 came in and caused a scene (along with trying to kick me off the IRC) before he privately told me that his past actions were to purposefully ruin his reputation and see if I’d be a good pick for an admin. Not believing a word of that.

As for people directly attacking him, I think I know who you’re talking about, and it’s shameful that that person said what they said. But who else attacked DL?

As for the server thing, I created mine as a refuge for the actual one until the whole situation is dealt with by @Floobby. If it can’t be, then I’ve made plans to make him an admin and let him add the webhook for the gateway.

If you expect us to solve the issue ourselves, then know that we’re powerless in this situation.


Okay first of all , we need to have a 1 last convo with DL and Floobby . They both need be online And see what happens and if DL acts unprofessional and irresponsible and does not give the ownership to Floobby then i’m with you.
So far the Mods are fine and if Floobby is the Admin then its good and DL just needs to be a normal User or a MOD instead of a Admin and see how things go and if it doesn’t work fine then we really do need another server
So if DL is willing to :

  • Give the OwnerShip to floobby
  • Him being a normal user or a Mod
  • Not harass or treat anyone in a disrespectful way

Then the server is fine


So you’re saying that if @Floobby caught @Deathlife23 in the middle of his scheme, then he can decide what happens? It’s not like there’s no actual evidence to back up our claim.

And while @Floobby is an admin, @Deathlife23 is the owner, and when it comes to Discord, the owner has a higher level in the hierarchy, and even with an admin role, people in that kind of role can’t boot off the owner unless they’re willing to transfer ownership. So in this case, @Floobby can’t kick off or even demote Deathlife yet.

Also DL has “apologized” for his actions a few times, but he wouldn’t follow his word and continued being a detriment anyway, so i wouldn’t be too keen on letting him apologize this time.


No apologizing this time , Straight talk . If he gives the ownership to floobby and he is okay with him being a normal user or mod then we are good to go thats it this doesn’t need anymore salt . If this goes well i dont see why we need another server and if we do need another server i would prefer floobby make it and also msnnostalgia being a mod and UI and web tho i cant contact web anymore lets just wait and see what both of them think about it !


Looks like @Deathlife23’s back to spying on servers, because he’s doing it to mine right now.


Also manipulating people into staying on his server because he thinks he’s an overlord.


Mention the spying but not mention how everytime someone is outside your server or not even in ur server you talk shit about them . So immature you guys need to grow up


That doesn’t pertain the current topic.


Because of @Deathlife23’s crappy mute system, I was able to rejoin the server and read messages as normal 3 times before he added a “verification” system. From what I could read, it looked like I nicked who was spying on my server, along with some others talking trash about me.


Looks like the site’s down too. Not exactly sure if it’s a coincidence or @Deathlife23 trying to enact another stupid counter-measure, but it seems more like the latter considering the events taking place, and when I asked him, he says it’s “none of my business”. But the ironic thing is, the IRC gateway was muted, so why shut down the site with it?


Also he fired @msnnostalgia for expressing his opinion about him. Not sure if it was on my server, but if so then I’d be surprised to find out is still vulnerable to a man-in-the-middle attack.

At this point he should definitely be fired.


It was on your server. He also said I could potentially destroy his server. What a dick. I don’t want to mod a server with him making chaos.


Iam not sure how being called a dick is considered as an opinion especially when it comes from their own staff

So far the server that you guys “claim” to be better is just being used to trash dl i dont see any improvements




@hemoo023 Making fun of @Deathlife23’s asinine moderating skills isn’t trash talking him.


not really , i just said i dont think he is a good admin but i never trashed talk anyone like you . You are just trying to get us to be mad on each other such a fail lol