Poll: Should I make a MessengerGeek forum simulator?


Yes, I know I made a thread about this last year, but I really think I should.

  • Yes
  • No

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I probably will get enough material for 5 minutes worth of video. Here’s a forum simulator, by the way.

Problems with the snailscape discord server

I don’t think it is neccesary.


use the super mario bros 2 overworld theme
(and also put this in the video U W U)


if you add me on this messengergeek forum simulator, i would appreciate it :smiley:
pls subscribe to him



So I make the forum simulator. Here goes bois


The idea of a forum simulator is interesting, although they usually use TTS, which gets annoying lol.

Make sure to sprinkle in some of that “WLM 14 support plz?” in there. :wink:


I will, don’t worry lol


dont forget the ’ ADD WLM 2009 SUPPORT OR DIE ‘’ posts