Poll: Should I make a MessengerGeek forum simulator?

Yes, I know I made a thread about this last year, but I really think I should.

  • Yes
  • No

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I probably will get enough material for 5 minutes worth of video. Here’s a forum simulator, by the way.

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I don’t think it is neccesary.

use the super mario bros 2 overworld theme
(and also put this in the video U W U)

if you add me on this messengergeek forum simulator, i would appreciate it :smiley:
pls subscribe to him


So I make the forum simulator. Here goes bois

The idea of a forum simulator is interesting, although they usually use TTS, which gets annoying lol.

Make sure to sprinkle in some of that “WLM 14 support plz?” in there. :wink:

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I will, don’t worry lol

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dont forget the ’ ADD WLM 2009 SUPPORT OR DIE ‘’ posts

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And it only took me 10 months!


this is really cool, if you ever make another one, put me in it.

Nice :clap:
More series of this please in the future :clap: :clap:

Sim v0.2 has been done for a long time, but as it isn’t up to the quality of v0.1 it might take a while to release.

oh jesus


can i get a link to that “it’s obvious valtron WANTS escargot to die” post

Escargot’s source code is more larger than what it was when he raged due to his access request being denied.