WindowsXPCat2008 admits that he used Ashley's MSN Server + A-Patch for CatMessenger

I made him some questions and he replied the following things:

People, at least i was right.
He didn’t ADMIT in the first place when i accused him of using Ashley’s MSN Server…
I had doubts on him using A-Patch for CatMessenger…

At least i’m not a liar and i said the right things.
(if you consider me a liar, it’s normal.
i will not trigger anyway)

Anyway he would tell people anytime soon,
so it’s not a problem to post it.

How far are you going to keep up this fight?

I did this to END the fight, hopefully.
I received the answer, and i will stop the fight.

however everyone knows that he used the Ashley MSN Server
So why all this?

well, he didn’t say about A-Patch…
he used it to make CatMessenger and probably you didn’t know about this

it’s very disappointing for a good product and then it reveals to be A-Patch

If he had permission then no problem.

no he didn’t have permission from A-Patch
he just taked it and he made CatMessenger without coding

in the message he also mentions he can’t code

well then this is a problem

Does it even fucking matter that he used it?
Maybe you’re just jealous that his projects DO ACTUALLY work :stuck_out_tongue:

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''Maybe you’re just jealous that his projects DO ACTUALLY work ''
wow and lol


Also forgot to mention, You can’t shame @WindowsXPCat2008 for using other people’s software (Ashley’s MSN Server and A-Patch), because you did THE EXACT SAME THING(but with roundcube) to make Hotmail Revived (@OhHelloThereImTheGuy already talked about it in this post)
Also, we’re angry with you just because YOU decided to talk shit about other people’s projects.

did i CLAIM that it was 100% my software and i made the web thing and so?

tell me

did he CLAIM that it was 100% his software and he made the server thing and so?

tell me

Maigol… then we are equal.
We didn’t claim that it was our 100% software etc…

But how do you explain the A-Patch thing?
Do you realize he hasn’t told and you THINKED that it was 100% his GENUINE PRODUCT
and that he worked hard for it?

This is actually true, and yes, I do admit it.

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At least my projects work unlike Hotmail Revived. My friend said Hotmail Revived was a scam. DON’T SCAM PEOPLE!

SO much wrong here. :confounded:

First, why try to use @WindowsXPCat2008’s statements against him? He has already stated somewhere that he DID use “Ashley’s MSN Server” for MeowMSN, and even with him using external software for CatMessenger and not stating it, no one cared.

Second, why expect him to create EVERYTHING he concepts from scratch? It’s not like he STATED that he’d use X programming language, and then try to hide the evidence knowingly and cover everything up (as in state that the truth was a lie). Like I said in one of my threads, you used Roundcube for your Hotmail Revivied service, along with the fact that you use a free web hosting site. That ultimately deflects your “get a real server and setup it retarded” argument you sent to XPCat via Weebly’s feedback system (and abusing it nonetheless).

Third, A-Patch seems to be an MSN Messenger modding program. How is using that to create CatMessenger a problem? If he used Resource Hacker instead, would you be happy by then? Would you be happy is he CONSTRUCTED THE WHOLE PROGRAM FROM SCRATCH?!?!

And finally:

He told you not to make this public to feed that little ego you desperately need, but you messaged him at the end that you’d do it anyway, and look where we are now. Do you feel happy that you’re ego is now fed? Do you feel happy that a certain @PPCB has agreed with you just because Mr. @WindowsXPCat2008 had not created his own backend/server? :unamused:

@TReKiE should have banned you from day 1. Just causing the most stressful situations for your own gain.

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but I do not agree with anything :expressionless:

Tell me when did I say that i agree with him?

Should refresh some context. :unamused: