Problems with the snailscape discord server


Yeah. but that post i made wasn’t about you. it was about me talking about deathlife and comparing him to leo.


yeah ik, I just pointed out that I’m also doing projects related to MSN/WLM.


Yeah i know you made that discord addon for msn that shows your email on your “Discord User Card”.


We thought things would be at a tolerable level on the server up until now.

It first started with @Deathlife23 mocking me, which didn’t particularly get on my nerves. But then @msnnostalgia tried to intervene, which resulted in Deathlife flipping him off. When I told him that wasn’t professional of him, he started teasing me about being friends with @msnnostalgia along with getting on the OP’s case for making “sex jokes”. Floobby tried to knock some sense into Deathlife and told him to be rational about the situation, but of course he declined. He then posted an announcement claiming that he’d leave for 1-2 days, and it was clear that he was trying to drag me into it, since he’s done this kind of thing before and always tried to include me in it, and this time was no exception. Afterwards he went on a rampage yelling out that he’d kill himself whilst blaming me for “telling him,” even though he’s just holding the fact that I stated that he’s a terrible staff member and using it as a scapegoat to get attention. Even when I told him that I never told him to commit suicide because he’s terrible at his job, he still said that I did so, so much that another person decided to hop on the bandwagon and frame me. All Floobby did was tell him to privately talk to him, but from what I can infer based on what happened after, he nor DL messaged each other about DL’s nonsense…

During the whole fiasco, a couple people, including the mod, were being unhelpful by encouraging his behaviour, since they’re aware that Deathlife was trying to get attention, but Floobby told them off because he thought Deathlife was serious, despite him doing similar things beforehand and later on telling us that he was joking, and then proceeded to kick both off the server. Then after Floobby kicked off the OP, he posted a message on two channels saying “they’re gone”, most likely referring to the three people kicked off, as if they were the people that caused the problem. However, it’s pretty obvious what Floobby was forgetting: that @Deathlife23 caused the whole problem, and while a few people didn’t help the situation at all, he reacted in less helpful ways, and as the story goes, he either ignores @Deathlife23 or gives him light butt spankings and lets him off scot-free.

Every time these kinds of incidents happen, Floobby basically neglects the core of the problem and looks for something else to blame the problem on, like @Deathlife23’s supposed “issues” or a few users who made distasteful jokes about Deathlife. Even if those were the cause, that doesn’t mean action shouldn’t be taken. All I’m getting from these spurs of nonsense is that Floobby is as terrible a staff member as Deathlife, however, Floobby doesn’t cause the problems, but encourages them because he thinks that the troublemaker has personal issues going on or someone made fun of them.


oh. i’ve seen it with you buddy i’ve seen it


snailscape discord is shit anyways lmao


Who wants to hear another story from the novel that is Deathlife? :stuck_out_tongue:

A while ago, he made a throwaway account, joined the Snailscape Discord and started to spam with it and even gave the normal users admin privileges. At first, @Floobby was confused and even annoyed by this occurence, but then DL told him he was the one who was spamming, which he got the idea from a YouTube video and replicated it because “I was bored”. @Floobby magically became relaxed afterwards, and didn’t even warn him.

The end.


@Floobby stop being brainwashed and protecting @Deathlife23 OK?!?!