WLM crashes when attempting to send e-mail or view my Inbox

Problem description: Windows Live Messenger crashes when I try to send e-mail or see inbox.

Error code/error message: -

What has been tried so far: -

Messenger version: 8.5.1302.1018

Windows version: 8.1

Uninstall and reinstall maybe try it

Whenever I used it, this error occurred. I think it’s a “universal” bug :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, I’ve experienced this first-hand as well.

But when I got to installing Windows Live Mail 2008 for my Hotmail needs, clicking on Messenger’s e-mail inbox button does open Windows Live Mail (or focuses its window if already open), and from just testing the e-mail sending thing, it also opens the Windows Live Mail New Message window. with the specified contact’s email in the To field.

I have a feeling this “bug” is caused either by Messenger trying to call Windows Live Mail, and if its program file is not found, crashes in failure of attempting to open it anyways, or Messenger using the MSNP URL command as a fallback, then tries opening the /unused* paths Escargot returns and crashes as a result of the URLs given not being valid HTTP URLs.

Anyways, I’ve decided to extract the Windows Live Mail MSI from my computer, since I used a copy of the original Windows Live 2008 installer to install it, and pack it in a ZIP file for you to install and configure (its too big for Discourse to upload, so here’s a Dropbox link instead):

Then you can follow @iGiftedSpade’s useful instructions for configuring it post-DeltaSync discontinuation here (it’s for Windows Live Mail 2012, but I’m sure you can accommodate it for Windows Live Mail 2008 for the time being).


@OhHelloThereImTheGuy thanks for uploading that. it should help other people in the future with this file and my instructions which were posted on the forum and my escargot spaces blog. :slight_smile:

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seems to have stopped working for me anyway, outlook.office365.com is returning errors.

Make sure in the account options, access the Server tab, select Log on using clear text authentication for the incoming mail server options, in the outgoing mail sever options, check My server requires authetication, then access the options for that and select Use same settings as my incoming mail server and press OK. :stuck_out_tongue:

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that’s already set as the default if i remember
i’ll be on news:microsoft.public.windowsxp.messenger now.

Unfortunately, the Microsoft newsgroups have been shut down since 2010 due to some reasons along the lines of spam and low traffic.

Shame, really. You would’ve seen @TReKiE’s plethora of posts on there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Live Mail 2012, Remember when ISPs did Newsgroup/UN access?

mine still does.

edit: found one on microsoft.public.msn.messenger

Well my ISP, Verizon, doesn’t anymore, ever since they cut the cord on that in 2009, long before I had them as an ISP (I had TWC/Spectrum back then, and they also shut down newsgroup access in the same year).

And no, I didn’t bother to use newsgroups back then, either. :stuck_out_tongue:

i’ve heard of that one, i didn’t know my ISP served Newsgroup Access, i found that out just researching my ISP randomly while i was crawling Wikipedia 1 day.

You’re lucky. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now I have to sacrifice my money just to subscribe to a separate newsgroup service and read messages from there.


also the limited server (text.news.(removed).com) is down, not like i care anyway.

also, yeah i can access alt.binaries, no problem, bet ya can’t do that on your service.

the fact that alt.alt.alt.alt.alt still exists without a sequel kind of bothers me

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I said I have no newsgroup access, period.

plz recommend American ISP that still offers newsgroup access lol

UK people have it easy, sometimes, especially with getting some features completely missing from other versions, or entirely new ones

also, US ISP with Newsgroup Access? yeah nice try but no one over there does it anymore, you may as well use google groups (forum feature) or something stupid (is it me or is google really getting popular over here now?)

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Sad, really.

just as 2014 as it gets honestly.