Wlm 8 beta patch project [update]


It doesnt connect, I have to patch that link.


But since it changes the file size and breaks it, we are at a dead end.
I’m sending the file so someone can try to patch it.


We should make another thread about this
If someone can figure it out
The devs maybe
Lemme make the thread




you fixed the thing? @Duki


I made this post (i have credited you)


Nope, its breaking. I’ll hold the project for now, I’ll be going soon.

Patched an 8.0 WLM Beta! (thanks to @Duki)

Either you have your hex editor on insert mode (overwrite is useful for these kinds of situations), or the URL you’re patching it to is wrong.


Can you try patching this? https://archive.org/download/MsnMessengerClients2/Windows%20Live%20Messenger%208.0.0566.0%20(English%20-%20United%20States).zip

we’d be thankful a lot if you happened to fix it


When I patch it normally it connects to NotRST and sends the token, but it immediately crashes afterwards, similar to WLM 2009, so that’s a no go for now. However, like WLM 2009, when I make it connect via RST.srf (looped back to my local server), it doesn’t crash. This time, it stays on the signing in screen for some reason, so I know that the server doesn’t send something this build of 8.0 expects. I’ll go look into it soon.

Patched an 8.0 WLM Beta! (thanks to @Duki)

halp Screenshot_3


@Gugu_Fdfd same thing. part of the beta.