Wlm 8 beta patch project [update]


You also can try with MSN Love! Autopatcher…


689 Beta works! Now we just have to try to patch the other ones.


689 you mean the last one right?


This one.


Alright I’ll try to get the old version to work! I may have an idea.


A btw can you send me the patched exe?
Upload it
filedropper.com here






@Alex_alex1 Use the msidcrl40 in the patching instructions.


Wish I could help… but my school uses crappy Chromebooks :confused:. So I might try this when I get home. things coming along good?


@Duki Okay!
@Cave_Johnson Sure…


is there another link to a working beta that isn’t Archive.org… cause my school blocked them due to their Proxys


I don’t know


Sadly not most of other download links are fishy


Atleast this beta works!

What is that gift icon i highlighted?


??? idk.


MMMM idk, maybe a way to send special things? like make a gift card or something with another microsoft application? IDK it’s a beta. Can you just upload the working installer that you used for that beta on here? (also i’ll be offline for a bit… i’m in math class woot woot!)


Alright, great and bad news.
I almost got the exe patched up but when I’m trying to patch this link " https://nexus.passport.com/rdr/pprdr.asp It just breaks the whole exe because it changes the file size.


Ignore that maybe??


Then leave the link alone