Wlm 8 beta patch project [update]

Does it work with our MSNP servers that we are supporting?

{UPDATE]} I managed to patch some betas! The only one thats buggering me is this one.

So to whoever that can patch this version, heres the file.

It might since WLM 8.x is supported on here :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll try patching like the other ones.

Try patching it like MSN 7 :stuck_out_tongue:

You guys know where i can download it?

Trying to find a download for it, I’ll be back if I find anything.

I’m kinda hyped. If it works y’all wanna chat?

hope this: https://archive.org/download/MsnMessengerClients2/Windows%20Live%20Messenger%208.0.0290.0%20(English%20-%20United%20States).zip

Thank ya bruh!!!

Thanks for the file, I’ll get to patching it up and I’ll see what protocol it uses.

Lemme see the event log

that beta 1 is really buggy i think.If you want the last WLM 8 beta build https://archive.org/download/MsnMessengerClients2/Windows%20Live%20Messenger%208.0.0290.0%20(English%20-%20United%20States).zip

the one that looks like the one i have posted?

I get this for both installers aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Getting my Windows 7 VM to run, I’ll try running it.

Oh and, thats the same link you sent.

I have a windows 7 vm too… Let’s hope it works! :smile:

Thats the last WLM 8 beta build in the last link :stuck_out_tongue:

Its the same.