Suggestions for Escargot. (don't put versions of MSN or WLM


Does the same as Wireshark?


Emm @Allen_Walker , this thread has a lot of time, that Shield is now released, i created the logo, @Maigol programmed it, @zRioziin gave the idea, it’s called Noggy Shield


Wireshark is a network packet analyzer.

MSN/Noggy Shield scans links in MSN convos to detect their maliciousness.


oh I’m sorry, I thought it different


makes sense actually if you think about it


versions of MSN or WLM


Oh, I can make HTML games! Is it for the MSN games thing? I’d love to help


That’s not a bad idea @nulln so i will tag random people here xD @Maigol @zRioziin @OhHelloThereImTheGuy @TReKiE @Patchou @yellows111 @Megadeth58 @Andreso2145 oh, i tagged myself xD







Haha very funny. :expressionless:

But as for @nulln:

That’s something that has had its own thread on, so go check that out and pitch in the conversation. :slight_smile: