Suggestions for Escargot. (don't put versions of MSN or WLM


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Video chat is okay, but using phone dial-er should be shut, The only time you should use the dial-er is when you have the computer hooked up to a phone line, otherwise it should remain disabled, Its not worth the trouble to get the dial-er to work, considering this: Msn messenger 7 and up does not support it, since MSN messenger 5 dropped it, The phone service could be used to troll, like prank call 9-1-1, From my theory, the call center can track the server instead of the person at the computer who made the call, , unless you program it to disable emergency numbers, Or you can hog up the voice mailbox on a carrier for ex: Verizon wireless voice mail is *81 For some reason, Verizon has had a degrading 4G signal for the past two weeks, EX: My father would call, and I would get a dropped signal I would have two bars of LTE, And when he would make the call, I would drop to no signal, same with my mothers phone, Now why am I talking about this? Because if you attempted to call their mailbox, you could make the signal drop for the people who need it, For ex: If people needed to call 9-1-1 over a cellular device they may get a dropped call because of people hogging up the system, Or if people prank call other people, that person may attempt to track the number, only to led to a server… In my opinion, Its not worth the trouble to bring back the dial-er.


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What i mean is he needs to use 15 characters in his post before he can actually submit it


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i know then i said it in a way you would understand


I made a prototype of the program that scans MSN links. Now I have to know how to program it to do this.


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i have just started to forward stuff to @valtron


Public chatrooms so we can talk to a bunch of people like the AOL chatrooms back in the day.


it would just be like how Plus! uses a Win32 Hook to plug itself into MSN Messenger.
(msmsgr, msnmsgr)


does anyone know when Valtron will be back from his vacation?


Some advances in MSN Shield (which is now called Noggy Shield). Just need to program it to send URLs to VirusTotal. If anyone understands of VB.NET, help me :slight_smile:


Hey, what about an Translator for MSN Messenger?? Example: a guy what talk Arabic sends a message to another guy that talks russian, this program will translate that message, could call it Language Wall Destructor or Butterfly Translate :smiley:


interesting, ill do some stuff like rio did and ill call someone to program


good idea

rant rant war war


@valtron I think… voice calls :slight_smile:


Call it Escargot Translator anyways… I know it.