Suggestions for Escargot. (don't put versions of MSN or WLM


what everyone thought when Windows 8 was released.


Yeah, you’re right :thumbsup:, Messenger is classic, but a little bit of modern design, not all, could be a good idea, combinating simple and classic


Yes, but do not abandon the Aero and Luna theme (Windows XP).


who can dislike Luna?


Windows XP is one of the most loved OS of Microsoft for many reasons, Luna is one of that reasons, i use Windows XP with a Luna modded theme and looks great!


speaking of I :heart: Messenger: link:


And about what i sayed in my suggestion, in Resource Hacker, we need to change the old CellPhone logo, for a new cellphone logo, because nobody in the world uses now that old black brick phones :slight_smile:


Yes, is a good idea.


change it to the Mercery Messenger logo or something


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how about the e- mail server


email server would be nice


An e-mail server would be only a waste of time and money, and everybody now uses G-Mail, Outlook, Yahoo!, etc. And, in MSN Messenger anyone can put a fake Email


well i think he means make a mail program for the little mail icon in msn messenger


Someone should post a link to Escargot on Hacker News or something. Share it to reddit and on social media. Stuff like that.


I use Outlook Express with my G-Mail account, but only Windows XP and older OS supports Outlook Express, because that, in Windows 7 8 10 this should be Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013, etc. We only need to modify MSN Messenger and change the Mail Client, but we don’t know how do that



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