Noggy Shield 4.0 Release!


FINALLY!!! This was the one that took me the most time to make, due to its many features in comparison with previous versions.

Here’s the download link: Noggy Shield 4.0.plsc (333.5 KB)

Here are the main changes:

-Now you can disable real-time scans and still scan websites manually.
-Default scan engine is set to URLVoid. (But you can change it in the settings window)
-Now scans won’t open a new tab in your browser AND they close themselves!

-Added exceptions: Now if know that a website is secure and you don’t want NG to scan it, you can add an exception to the whitelist and problem solved! *
-Added user interface
Noggy Shield 4.0 Script menu
-Added event logs

Now I’d like you to explore it yourself and tell me what do you think!
I spent SO MUCH time on this, so I’d love to read your feedback in the comments, via PM or MSN Messenger! :smiley:

(* note that it’s obligatory put “www.” but not the part after “.com”)

Also you can see the source code here.

-Maigol :3

Suggestions for Escargot. (don't put versions of MSN or WLM



looks great :smiley:


“Script was imported but failed to start”



Ummm… go to script settings and start it from there


The same mistake happens.


:confused: well that’s strange


I will try to repair Messenger Plus! …