Suggestions for Escargot Messenger Games (and Activities, if you have ideas for them)


I thought of:

Chess: (may be hard to make) (this game may be made in: HTML (includes CSS), JS) (chess, look it up on google (or DDG).)

Dice Rollers: (Easy? (could be a bit hard.) to make.) (this game may be made in: HTML (includes CSS), JS) (the game works like this: 2 players join a game, player1 goes first, to play, you have to click a “Roll!” Button and JS RNG will choose from 1-6 and what number you get is put on your side (you will have that number), the player with the highest number wins, scoreboard is the same from Tic Tac Toe. (to play again, you click a “Again?” button.)

So, what games do you think should be made?, Comment (Reply) your suggestions!
To Agree With a suggestion, just like, as it can fill up the thread…

Some progress regarding games
Some progress regarding games
Suggestions for Escargot. (don't put versions of MSN or WLM

TETRIS. I LOVE TETRIS.i had to add this part so i could post it


thats copyrighted so we may have to skip that one, sorry just had to point out




Snake? (easy to make, just look up a tutorial and don’t waste time)
(Oh wait, how are we supposed to make a 2P version of Snake? Have 1P be green and 2 be Red? Anyway, 1st to die loses.) (might start making the graphics in a bit)

Quiz game: sounds interesting (stupid hard to make >>>:))) lol) why? Like
1: how many answers to choose is there? 3 or 4 (or if your a madman, 5)
2: what system will we use to get questions,
3: coding the scripts required to make this even hopefully work.

Also, @Jarhead_Gamer38, read this:
P.S I’m not making graphics, if at all for Tetris.

Also, community, can we have more 2player games?


Also, here are some ideas from me,

1: Western Duel (unsure of difficulty or making) (first person to click the shoot button wins)

Oh, that’s all that I can think of…, also I edited the thread name, old thread links still work, if they have the thread ID (of 1298) in them.


what about Sudoku


Also what about games like boggle, checkers, and word searches and cross word puzzles


i may have to make “2 player games” critical, because muiltiplayer games are interesting, because i dont think there is a way for 1 player games to made (confirm)


i have an idea for snake.add some twist to it like power ups,3D,ect

. sorry im not good at coming up with ideas


or hearts if you can’t do any of the other games


Checkers is off the list already (as tristanleboss already has it, but i have not made my own version of the msgrp2p.xml file needed, so the game is only for him)
boggle, same problem as tetris, now classed as "no, (Reason #1)"
any games that will be a nightmare to make rng/code for them (word searches / Crosswords), are now Classed as "no, (Reason #2)


what about some sort of trivia game more like see who knows more about a topic


i think my idea will be competitve more, but if someone did your idea,
1, no constant updating (will only have to update when the other person dies)


i’m sorry bucket, but @Jarhead_Gamer38 has already said that idea with his “quiz game”


i saw that and i understand


yeah, i like the sound of western duel


just like if you agree


(i’ve really put myself in a “ok this may get chaotic” state haven’t I?)


was tic tac toe already said