Suggestions for Escargot Messenger Games (and Activities, if you have ideas for them)


tristanleboss already uploaded some files of tic tac toe


yes, tristanleboss got it working, i put in on github and yes i made the msgrp2p file for that game. (public version, mind you) also latest version is in the latest post, Some progress regarding games, also for File Sharing its the MSN File


ok just wondering thinking up of games is hard


i know
i had a hard time coming up with hearts


i have a idea which I think is a 99% no but what about pool


reason two for that, sorry


where do i find out what these reason #1 and reason #2 mean i need to know


i think we are stressing about this too much because we want these games to be better than the originals


Reason are here:


Reasons Meaning:

possible issuse classed as "no, (Reason #1)"
any games that will be a nightmare to make/code for them are Classed as “maybe, (Reason #2)”


that doesn’t explain what each reason means


that means if a game is too hard to code, it might not happen


read again, jarhead


great ok thanks you


now i may consider if its maybe (a bit) hard to make


what about puzzles


i’ll put on my list of “things are have insane coding list”.txt


this may sound dumb what about poker


HOW ABOUT clickwars. i game i came up with but didn’t code where you have 10 seconds to click the mouse the most. whoever clicks the mouse the most in those 10 seconds wins


number 2 (i think Mystic Cave Zone fits this kind of thread(