Suggestions for Escargot Messenger Games (and Activities, if you have ideas for them)


good idea, i will put that on my “ok cool, easy games”


my first good idea


aaaaaarrrrrrrrrggggggggggghh, im getting stuck in 2 profile jam


also i made a name "Fast Clickers"
Description: "How fast do you click?, Challenge the other player in a fast-paced Click Duel!!!"
if you want me to, i’ll keep the name clickwars


what about some sort of maze game


i’ll put it in the “maybe” list


i would keep clickwars but you can keep the description


is there a limited number of games you want?


this is a suggestions list, why do you think i made it in the first place


or use the description "Let your mouse go to war in the 2 player duel “Clickwars”!


i’m not sure if this counts as a quiz but what about some sort of name that tune game


do you mean the ipod game (music quiz)


the whatever its called, but its on my maybe list (and cutting #2, Orignal Version VERY close, dangerously close.)


well i mean like you hear a sound and name what the sound is. I mean like for example like the crooking of a frog not like the sound of a song


OHHHHHH, ok guess that sound ok


that SOUNDS great

*pun intended


yeah, but that Original #2 Knife is cutting very close, so ya betta watch out for it


what about a name the pic game like show a picture then guess what the picture is


whats the original #2 knife


or a slide picture puzzle