Suggestions for Escargot Messenger Games (and Activities, if you have ideas for them)


i think a slide picture puzzle is good but it might get a little frustrating after awhile


ahh ok so let me get this: one person has a picture shown, the other person has 60 secounds to figure out by using the hints you use in the IM window, pretty cool


first person to get 5 points wins. 3 minutes each round


well what i was thinking each person sees the same picture and whoever gusses what the picture is showing wins


any games that will be a nightmare to make/code for them are Classed as "no (rejected), (Reason #2, old)
and then, it comes and says “no”


ok now i understand


i’m, like no thats a bit too annoying, what if you had a group convo and you was only playing with like 1 person 0_0


and you joined with someone with a forgettible username


best for my idea


than make a teams options


would have to be a differnt game with (team mode) in the title. also like what kind of teams


like if you play with 4 or more people


like how? and also the more player it would be harder to make, so think carefully


you choose who’s on which team i’m sorta thinking this idea should be trashed


yeah abit, hard to make because i or you dont know how the teams are going to work


yeah i’m confusing my self so i think the idea should be trashed or keep the idea and make it however you want


done, Game: guess the pic (team mode)" - BucketOfChicken (Rejected by Idea Owner)


what does that mean


it means your game was not wanted anymore so the idea was trashed


i now understand