Suggestions for Escargot Messenger Games (and Activities, if you have ideas for them)


what about my name that tune game can we keep that on your maybe list


yes, this is how my suggestion.txt looks like.
`“maybe” list;
“Whats that sound??” - BucketOfChicken


i have an idea, at the begining of the game you pick teams and than you and your team has 4 options. your team choses an option .and whichever team got it right gets a point


also, guess the pic (your orginal idea of just 2 players) is also on the maybe list, however i may keep it there…


love the way it looks!


too late, the teamed version of the game is cancelled


its formatted like this
"name in quotes" - Submitter (Add infomation in circle brackets)


i can’t wait to see how these games turn out


I. Know. Right?!


before i knew about messengergeek i was like “oh no my computer is broken, games won’t load”


do you think that you will release beta versions of these games to see how they work


I Know Right? Like omg why is there no games


hopefully. i want to play these games




like said in “Some progress regarding games”, the only way to test is msgrp2p files


yeah.i like seeing games in progress. it makes me feel like i’m a beta tester


what is? (like really i don’t get it)


u techniclly are tho, since your trying something thats coming soon


i know. i just think “i’m going to be one of the first people to play this game”


this page got full quick and 100th post