Suggestions for Escargot Messenger Games (and Activities, if you have ideas for them)


maybe not the first, the devs get that, like i had to try ttt like 5 times before thinking “this is gonna grow”


the fact that there are no games is soon is change


happens all the time like “do you have suggestions in what should be in (insert)?” can get like idk 250 after the first week


me? no just that one person who is a bit close to old computing


i just made this thread so i can collect suggestions on what do you think should be a game?


also i could be like for english text or testing idk


i love old computers.that is why i use windows xp and windows 98


i am legitimate also too close to old computing as well


i want an xp computer you know the feeling (OMG this the best thing ever)


thats what i want to do everyday : (


if you do get one, good luck trying to register it. microsoft deleted all the OEM keys from their database


i want to criiiiii


well i have a emachines windows xp pc that had a corrupted hard drive so i replaced it installed windows xp service pack 3 by using my pc’s oem key


everyone wants that feeling, why do you think escargot exists?


a corrupted HD as it broke its ded


my Emachines PC had windows vista and xp on it but i upgraded it to ubuntu linix


speaking of which i think my laptop HDD Died


atleast you did


i am waiting for the laptop to cool down


they deleted all the product keys that they used to verify that you actually bought windows and didn’t pirate it