Suggestions for Escargot Messenger Games (and Activities, if you have ideas for them)


oh that feeling gooood i hate that feeling of * boop * and ur like whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


there ded as well


you will get an error if you try to use any product key. the error would say"we could not register windows at this time. please try again later"


how did we get so off topic from messenger games


by a telephone, and IKR how did we jump that bad


you probably did it in the nick of time before they deleted your key


all because of one qusetion


IRC would be better, for this type of content (constant messages)


true.but just computers in general for all the computer geeks


its a protocol


this should be a convo in messenger


dont know why its not


but it can’t be on skype because we want to beat skype


skype isnt dead? like how?, Skype updates destory it more


yeah. my skype is so broken it won’t even open anymore


idk. we should have one


k who feels like giving out the email, not me


(can we get suggestions?)
(I don’t want to get off-topic here again…)


HOW ABOUT ERASER. you need to erase the screen as fast as possible. i used to do it on ms paint


on the maybe list, because i do not know how it is going to be made.