Suggestions for Escargot Messenger Games (and Activities, if you have ideas for them)


UNO! that was my favorite game in MSN, if you cant i select Chess


UNO is fun, i can agree, however i will have to put that against Reason, #1, (copyrighted game, so, thanks for the idea, but no.)

Chess, wait didn’t I already say that?

yellows111, Creator of Thread.


uhh, an game that 2 players have to collect balls and put them on an bucket, who has most, wins, thats good?


bucket collectors, yeah thats a name i just made up, however that name already makes the theme of the game:
apples fall from a random part of the tree, the background is a forest setting, and you use the mouse to move the bucket, points are on the top of the game and they work like this:
(User1 (Amount of Wins by User1) - (Amount of Wins by User2) User2), under thats theres the current amount of apples ONLY you have collected (Prevents repeated looking).

Yes, i do agree, it will be on the “hey, thats pretty good” list


how did i forget that “rock paper scissors” exists?


also, how about the MSN Games portal?, i’ve already got it working.
however, it does require its “special” MsgrP2P.xml for now, how many stuff is there right now? TTT, FS, (Private Beta) Reversi, and now the MSN Games Portal

download link
MSN (incudes Tic-Tac-Toe, File Sharing & now… the MSN Games portal) (2.0 KB)
(UPDATE: A NEWER VERSION (of one or more Activities) IS BELOW)

Follow instructions (info.txt) to install desired game/activty.
you cannot have more than one MsgrP2P.xml-based app active at once.

NOTE: the other contact needs the exact version of the game (MsgrP2P.xml) launch file, otherwise you will get this message “(name) has canceled the request to start (Game Name) because the activty is not availble to him/her.”


i mean, balls are falling on the side, the players need to collect much as fast as possible to win, who has more, wins.


I’m sorry but when i tried to understand your reply, I did not know what you meant, please can you give a clearer description?

what i get is:
"balls are falling “on the side” the (2) player need to collect them as fast as they can, (i know what you meant, however i forgot to incude “the apples rot when they hit the ground”), to win, who has more points, wins (this is how i intended the winning to be anyway)


also new update for the portal, however its manual patching only, what you have to do is change MaxUsers, and MinUsers, to 1, that’s all.


here is the code for a guessing game i found online

@echo off
color 0e
title Guessing Game
set /a guessnum=0
set /a answer=%RANDOM%
set variable1=surf33
echo -------------------------------------------------
echo Welcome to the Guessing Game!
echo Try and Guess my Number!
echo -------------------------------------------------
set /p guess=
if %guess% GTR %answer% ECHO Lower!
if %guess% LSS %answer% ECHO Higher!
if %guess%==%answer% GOTO EQUAL
set /a guessnum=%guessnum% +1
if %guess%==%variable1% ECHO Found the backdoor hey?, the answer is: %answer%
goto top
echo Congratulations, You guessed right!!!
echo It took you %guessnum% guesses.


what is the portal


isn’t that A Command Script?, I want JS/HTML.


The MSN Games portal, is a service of MSN that still exists, also I think it was in WLM, as “Games” at one point, so I made this and now that function’s back.

Also for downtimes, I’ve also got them, so that may be true.


Also, speaking of guessing games:

New Idea: (advanced idea list)
Guess the number!
Players: 1
Desc: "is today your lucky day? If you think so, Guess the number!"
so, you type a number, then, the RNGed number, if it’s is correct, win, if it is not this happens: if the number is higher then specified: Tell player that the number is higher, if lower, tell that the number is lower.

Should not be too hard, right?


THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT THE CODE WAS.OOPS CAPS LOCK i thought i turned caps lock off when i typed oops caps lock


we killed the fourm


no i did not i was having fun over at the SES thread


also here are the programming languages you can use:

  • Active Server Pages (ASP) or Microsoft ASP.NET
  • Microsoft Visual Basic, Scripting Edition (VBScript)
  • Microsoft JScript or JavaScript
  • HTML or Extensible HTML (XHTML)
  • C, C++, or C#
  • XML or Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL)
  • Flash (ShockWave)
  • PHP
  • Perl
  • Common gateway interface (CGI)
  • Internet Server Application Programming Interface (ISAPI)
  • Cold Fusion



what about the cringe that is scratch. just kidding. that would be worse than the originals


I wouldn’t call Scratch cringy, it just aims for a certain demographic.