Suggestions for Escargot Messenger Games (and Activities, if you have ideas for them)


if you use good sprites, than it’s ok


Tetris so much!


i already suggested tetris


I was supporting your suggestion? Nevermind I guess ¯_(ツ)_/¯


it was already on the no list


idea, an guitar hero styled game


maybe, i think about it.


If anyone wants to try and recreate the basic Messenger games (at least the ones that share a certain visual style), I’ve accidentally found these screenshots:

(From what I remember, these were created in Flash)



Minesweeper (French)

Backgammon (this version is outside Messenger, but I’m pretty sure the content within the blue border is the same)

5-Roll (?)

I know there was also Chess in that same visual style, but don’t feel like trying to find a screenshot of that.
Edit: I found a picture of that!

I was also thinking of having Hexic and Bumper Stars, but I’m pretty sure those games are copyrighted, and I remember the latter does have a Facebook version.

And I can already imagine what the recreations would look like - the same but it has “escargot Games” branding instead of “msn Games” branding. However, from what I remember, I saw it branded as “msn Instant Games”, though I think the former looks better.


the games you added in all of those screenshots are actually more advanced than you think.
Checkers and all of the Classic MSN Games, the files needed to even start the game is rare, so yeah that for orignals, if anyone was making/reviving those games, a complete remake may be needed for some games.
Minesweeper is Minesweeper Flags, both are which, i think are owned by Microsoft.
Chess has been suggested 3 times (i did first tho)
“5-Roll” there’s a vid on YouTube, where 2 people play MSF, that game, and Worms (owned by team 17, btw)


I have a little suggestion of a game: A Worms style game, but, well, could be hard program it on HTML and more hard to put it on MSN Messenger


i get you, however i’m not that sure…, also its not just HTML, there’s atleast 20 languages


There’s many languages, like CSS, but the most used actually is HTML


can you read post 175? or the one with the bullet list. (they are both the same)

i seem to also see that there’s no DHTML and/or DCSS which is strange, because that is supported.


Boy, that’s a shame.


yeah. it was trademarked


This is Solitaire Showdown :slight_smile:


as you can see… this thread has 190 posts… (200+ now) yaaaaaaaaaaaaay


@kbhasi said: “branded as “MSN Instant Games””, however the link at the text where the person said in quote marks, is corrupted, so i will add the actual picture below:

MSN used “Instant Games” to show that the games have a quick response time.
(edit) I also see that the user in the picture, is using the “Messenger 8.0 BETA”, that colour matches the MSN Theme, so thats nice.
(EDIT2) oh yeah, when you still had the Launch Site, it was called MSN Games, however when LS got split in two, MSN Messenger Games, was renamed “MSN Instant Games”

PS: i see in the editor, that the picture stays inside the hidden part, however they still appear on the fourms even if the arrow has not been clicked, thats the second time of “i see it the way i want it to, but’s thats not what i get”, the other time was on Escargot Spaces, when i was trying to make a list that did not fill up the blog page.

oh, i also found this



rant rant.


What I was imagining was a JavaScript remake of that, but reskinned.