Suggestions for Escargot Messenger Games (and Activities, if you have ideas for them)


no, instead it’s around 15 files.


I am just curious how when you add these games to the msn messenger how are we going to use them. I mean is all of our msn messenger copies just gonna update automaticlly or do we need to reinstall the whole thing. Or will there just be a update for th messenger


don’t need to update, it will be released to all when quite a few games are ready.


but how will it be released in the form of a update or what?


server-side update, it will effect everyone, (you will have to exit and relaunch messenger after the update has been released.)


ok now i understand


how do you know when the update will be released


read the message above.


i understand that but will there be a message on this webpage saying game have finally been released or something to that affect


not sure, however, the Games/Activities/Launch Site Buttons will work when it is released, for release info, if i see it, I’ll repost it here.


For sure but, 205 messages later, no one coded a single game :frowning:


i just found the WLE December 2008 installer, theres some other stuff is in there too.


Oh, please, don’t be so detailist, without Valtron we cannot progress :expressionless:


Any particular reason the games that do work aren’t released yet? I think by now we’re just dying to play Tic-Tac-Toe online オンライン :stuck_out_tongue:


they, are… i will link the current version that i have here, the only thing i don’t have, is reversi.

Download: MSN (2.0 KB)


they need more coded games


how about uno as it was one of the original games


please read the above message.


Has Bingo been suggested yet?


no, however thanks for the idea!