Suggestions for Escargot Messenger Games (and Activities, if you have ideas for them)


well can it be added to the game


it;s on the maybe list because idk…


how about a game that uses the microphone such as a singing game. hopefully this makes it to one of your 1,000,000 lists


we could include guitar flash, just ask them permissions, its an brazillian flash version of guitar hero, its really cool


i finally rented a book on how to code. i will try to make a game

have fun


what a big mistake i have made


i rented the wrong book


@TReKiE hmmm, it seems the post counter is broke.



we broke the post counter


it used to be 205, when it had like 220.


i think this is the most popular fourm


actually I deleted some of my orignal posts on this topic from awhile ago


no thanks, please don’t


What is going on


i d o n t k n o w .


what do you mean?


no thanks please don’t


o well basically i delete some of my old post from the time we got off topic


i remember that