Suggest me 2006-2012 software to install on this Windows XP VM

no games (like from steam because this is VMware and I don’t think it games will run(?) any other games are allowed)
no ICQ (because I’m tired of making million accounts only to forget my login and password)
no viruses (like bonzi buddy nava shield etc…)
no (desktop toys or screen mates because they lag too much)
only software from 2009-2012
inspired by suggestion from kikoabdou!

  • install a 2009-2012 screensaver
  • install firefox (between 2009-2012 versions)
  • change the wallpaper to:

    or other 2009 wallpapers
  • install an antivirus (i was not meant for fake ones. the real ones. find any AV in
  • if you want to make your web browser run any old sites. you either use theoldnet’s proxy (THEOLDNET IS IN DANGER CUZ WAYBACK MACHINE MIGHTVE SUE HIM.) or protoweb.
  • install any game emulator (if you want)
  • install any IM (with revival, just dont install ICQ cuz you said that you dont need to install ICQ due to trouble of account)

installed avast and ccleancer
and firefox and chrome

Windows live messenger installed but it falls

i know how
because this is a common error and to fix.
have this topic:


  • install the entire office 2003 (with just
  • change the display resulotion (if you want)
  • install miranda IM (even though its dead. i have a revival called miranda NG aka new generation)

Install posready updates

bitch bittorrent is identical to utorrent
unless you mean qbittorrent

dont call be a bitch. haram to you
and yes. i was meant qbittorrent cuz i fucking forget (sorry trekie for breaking your guidelines)

(sorry for bump, ig)
so bartek’s still not doing anything so suggest him more apps plez
il suggest:

  • install the entire microsoft office 2007/2010 with just using the iso
  • install minecraft (by bringing back, use olauncher, idk if its tested with windows xp so u test it)
  • install java (cuz you know why.)
  • install winamp (or wacup)

do theese too.

Here are some changes that I made:
fresh VM because I accidentally deleted previous one
I will not install olauncher because I never have full Minecraft on my Microsoft account and there’s no option to bypass this I also tried betacraft and it lags freezes and completely crashes
I installed winamp but not wacup because wacup requires Windows 7 or later
I got office 2007 on this VM already but thanks for suggestion

you dont need a microsoft/mojang account.

Yep I don’t have a Minecraft on my Microsoft account for minecraft I don’t thinkbetacraft is made to play Minecraft because I tried with beta craft and it was crashing and freezing

bro what the fuck i thought olauncher requires a microsoft account

(sorry for another bump)
anyways heres more suggestions:

Here is update:

I don’t know is there any other macromedia software but installed those macromedia software:
this Minecraft launcher gives an error:

and I can’t get it to launch :frowning:

Xfyre installator does not work

yes I already have configured Outlook 2007 to work with my onet account because I didn’t want to risk my Google account getting hacked

also simcity 2000 is a MSDOS game they can’t find good website to download it
And yes I installed Yahoo messenger using nina account

is Microsoft Silverlight supported on Windows XP?

i think i meant simcity 3000
and plus if u cant run simcity 2000. then il advice you to use dosbox

install powertoys

i got a better plan.
when i was a kid i remember playing a forgotten minecraft version called “minecraft PC gamer edition” (demo version only found. the only physical lost media is the full version DVD)
so you should install minecraft PC gamer edition (not a bootleg, its actually a gaming company collaborating with mojang)
i tested it in windows xp and it works