I got Outlook Express 6 to work with my Gmail account

so if you configure your Gmail account to enable IMAP or POP3 you can use it with things like Outlook Express, or Windows Live Mail with the right settings.

here’s a screenshot of Outlook Express 6.
link to article i used to get it working

if you wanna find out how to get Windows Live Mail working this is the link to a crudely made blog post i made about how to do it.
(btw the link to the offline installer for wle 2012 is broken soooo)

please tell me if you have any other email clients you use with your gmail if you do

edit 1:
works with OE5 aswell

edit 2:

i’ve confirmed that it works with:

  • outlook 2016
  • outlook 2010
  • outlook 2007
  • outlook 2003

edit 3:

tested it with thunderbird and works (1.0.6 tested, newer should also work)


the only bad thing in oe6 is that he dont have a spam filter , other than that its a good email client

I tried (and failed) to get Hotmail/Outlook.com to work with OE6 through IMAP. Also, I found “Outlook Express 7” in a Longhorn build

windows live mail in windows vista is outlook express 7 with other name

i can’t be sure that modern outlook’s IMAP servers will work with OE6 right now, but i can try to find a workaround.

I think it has something to do with not being able to change the ports in OE6.

you can do that. you have to do it through the Tools > Accounts > Properties > Advanced menu.

my hotmail works , i dont remenber if i used imap or pop3 but it works

just tested OE5 (98SE-ME) with sucess.

edit made in first post.

you know if its possible to install oe 5 or oe 6 in linux with wine

i’ll test that

As I remember, just configure the IMAP and SMTP addresses, along with the ports, enable the SSL option (in Advanced, in the configuration of the email account) and enable the option “My server requires authentication” (under Servers, in your e-mail account setup). It works normally here.

a bit offtopic but the windows live mail desktop beta is basically outlook express but prettier and it works too

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i’ll put that on the main post after getting it up.

Me too, when i had Windows XP i used my GMail account on Outlook Express 6, now i use it on Windows Mail on Windows 7 (if you want to have Windows Mail of Vista in Windows 7, install this: Windows Mail in Windows 7.zip (721,2 KB)
I’ll explain something, the Windows Mail of Vista is included on Windows 7, but not activated, this file activates it and you can use it normally :sunglasses:

I use Windows Live Mail 2012 on my laptop, and WLM 2009 on my XP VM

updoot 2 in first post


WLM 2009 = Windows Live Mail 2009

Then why not just clarify and repeat “Windows Live Mail” twice?