Sidebar gadgets working for Escargot

Anybody know if there are Live Messenger sidebar gadgets that work flawlessly for Escargot?

Sorry if this question was already posted.

I remember there is a post saying that a Messenger widget works, but I can not remember the topic name :sweat:

Messenger 2009 - 2012 - #13 by Kos_Furler this one?

It’s this: Messenger 2009 - 2012 - #48 by MattF, but thanks!

Seems to not work for WLM 8.5 patched under Escargot. Shows me as Offline

Yep, it did not work here.

This one works (download)


Ye, just tested it. It works fine.

this Works with Windows 10 ? :anguished:

Use esse programa ( e depois instale o gadget normalmente.

ah ok entao

@RioMcCloud, that widget that not works to you works perfectly to me.
Probably a problem?

It seems that it does not work with version 8.5 of Messenger, which is the one I use.

i’m using 8.5 and that widget works perfectly.

Wait wat? How?

Mind telling us how did you make it to work?

the pc that Deathlife uses runs Windows 7, and is 32-bit, maybe this helps, i don’t really know.

Wait, so if it’s 32-bit then it prolly runs under the 32-bit version of sidebar. lemme test if it works

just go to programm files 86 find sidebar folder and run sidebar.exe. Just run it, it won’t open but run anyway, and try to re-enable gadget Windows live

also make sure the gadget is undocked, won’t work docked on the Sidebar.