[Release] WLM Now Playing on Spotify


Hello, i’m so thankful for this project that i had to contribute somehow, idk if it is already done but i’m almost finishing my own app that will post your now playing song of Spotify on Messenger psm.
Once it is authenticated an running you will be able to apply the current listening song even if it is playing on other device.
This app should be compatible with any version of MSN/WL Messenger that support the Now Playing feature, and it should run on Windows XP,Vista,7,8(.1),10.

Download link
InstallNowPlayingSpotify_1-0-1-3.zip (6.4 MB)

InstallNowPlayingSpotify.zip (6.4 MB)
or you can download from Dropbox


Already sorta made, sorry lad


No problem, it was a nice excercise for me :slight_smile:


Some update of Spotify broke it, tho


My app is working.


OMG!!! Thnak you so much, I’ve been looking for an app like this and they’ve all been broken by an update, but yours hasn’t, Thank you!:hugs::joy:

P.s. if you update your application can you add under the settings tab a start minimized option? As of right now i found a way to set it to that, thanks anyways!


Sure i can add this option, i’m currently working on the internal authentication method(without a external browser) but as soon as i finish i will do the option to start minimized.
Thank you for the feedback.


you’re welcome. Good luck developing!


Also I have another thing for you to fix… this


Can you tell me which security software do you have? because i didn’t experienced this, hoever another user had this issue.
I will release another updated version soon.


How to make it with AIMP?



I think that is already done


Did you get my email reply? if not, i said i’m using the built in security software in windows 10.


Well i’m completely reworking the code, i think it will solve most of the issues.


Ok. If you want me too, i can do a beta test of the rewritten software and try to recreate what happened before on my pc, up to you. But good luck rewriting it!


Would be nice, but it will take a while, college is currently taking up too much of my time, but soon i will get some really needed vacation :slight_smile: