MSN "What i'm listening to" plugin for AIMP


  1. Download it
  2. Create folder “gen_msn_adv” in C:\Program files\AIMP\Plugins and copy “gen_msn_adv” from this archive to folder
  3. Restart AIMP
  4. ???
  5. Profit!
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Did you make this? If so, I’m impressed! :cat2:

Can you send me the download of this theme you are using on MSN?

Sorry, not me

get it!
RoyaLive!-2.1.plsk (348,9 КБ)

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sorry for the bump, but…

yes, it sometimes does not work just because there are no metadata

i got around this by instead of ARTIST - TITLE, making it FILENAME (all my song filenames are ARTIST - TITLE, so same effect)
more of tradition…

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Idk if I should post this here, but could this be possible for the Spotify application for windows?

sry no