Spotinger - Spotify for MSN Messenger! :)

Hi everyone! I’m happy to informing you that after some developing nights, Spotinger has been done! (Is the first release… So may contain bugs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )
Do you remember when you show what are you listening to with Windows Media Player? Well, you can do the same with this app and Spotify!
Also, you can put the album cover as a wallpaper.
I hope you like my work. :hearts: But this will never happen with @trekie 's help. Thank you sooooooooooo much!

I’m really really excited for this and I hope you enjoit it! :wink:

PD1: You need .NET Framework 4.5 if not work.
PD2: If you have some ideas for improve the app, please write (753,1 KB)


I f***ing LOVE it!!


very good job thank you.

i was wondering if you could the same for youtube

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Loved! i prefer Windows audio Player

I thought the same… And I was reading and someone did that. I guess I colud do it but later. I’m bussy :frowning:

It’s ok ^^

Thanks so much for this! Works so well.


i got winampoooo

Could something for VLC be done?

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very nice!!

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This is an awesome project!


Thank you so much!

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uhm… Idk

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i’m pretty sure VLC had it until like 2013 or something, i have not looked into it

i have an idea for make Msn messenger Skype style

I will try it!

Yep but with the Microsoft server down, VLC remove the plugin… So, maybe we can find the plugin in the source code of VLC.

try The Wayback Machine to find the plugin (?)

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OMG! I never knew about this site! hahaha but the source code is in the VLC page since the first version