Spotinger - Spotify for MSN Messenger! :)


doesn’t it make easier to find?


No hahaha! The source code is there for everyone till now


Thanks! Waiting for this :slight_smile:


this Works with Windows Live Messenger 8.5 ?


I installed everything right, first the spotify after your app and rebooted, however it did not work. help me :confused:


Try open setup.exe
It will install spotinger in your PC and you can see it in start menu


surprisingly enough, my winamp plugin still works fine. it was a wlm plugin for winap that worked with 7.0 and up


Skype looks horrible. still a decent service for some of my needs.


I delevoper on .NET applications , i live in Perú! :smile:


I dreamed about this just yesterday. Thank you so much for this! @manuelex20 @TReKiE


Hey it’s not working for me, I have .NET 4.5. I’m not sure what’s happening. Maybe because I’m using spotify from the windows store, instead of the standalone program?


Also, I’ve noticed that if I go to options and click open spotify, nothing happens… And sorry for reviving old post, I’m new here, so I’m seeing this just now xD


Make sure “Enable What I’m listening to” is enabled on MSN.


It is


Try restart Spotify and Spotinger.


didn’t solve the problem


Well, so IDK :stuck_out_tongue:


use the win32 version , i am sure that it dont work with the microsoft store version


okay, I will download spotify again, and report back, after making some tests. Hold on


I’ve had some trouble to find spotify outside the windows store, the official website only installs that version… So I’ve managed to install the 32bit version from another website, and it’s still not working… what the… maybe spotilinger is not compatible with the latest version of spotify anymore?