Lucky Break (CANCELLED)

Some unspecified time in the future…

What’s up. That dude on the path is YOU. The arrow you have always seen floating mysteriously in the air points to YOUR HOUSE. You live in Nowheresville with your parents.

You just turned 15, so it isn’t like you can move out anyways.

Say…what’s your name, anyways?

> Enter name.

edit c. 4/1/19
no this isn’t an april fools joke, my april fools this year is this

how does this work?
if you want to forward the story hope you reply quick because it’s first come first serve
e.g. if @User1 responded with fuckface mcgee and @user2 responded with Joe Shmoe, but User1 responded first, they would be replied to; mind you, the character wouldn’t actually be named that, but yknow, whatever, but if User2 replied first, they would be the one replied to.

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Hell yeah.

Your name is Jonathan. Your friends call you John on occasion, but you don’t like that because your name isn’t John.


What do you do now?

Say hello to mom.

Get a job on micro$oft

You enter the house and say hello to YOUR MOTHER. (Images never to scale.)
Great. She’s taking one of her hour long naps. Just what you needed.
You write a note saying “hi” and put it on the couch.

What do you do now?

Wait an hour and ask her if she’s doing anything special at her bakery. :stuck_out_tongue:

while waiting you play sonic runners on your smartphone

and drink a coffee.

:clock12: :clock1230: :clock1:

A fair amount of time has passed.

What do you mean SMARTPHONE? Your parents don’t trust the internet and have given you a PDA instead. Thankfully, you have it connected to a cellular network. They don’t understand cellular can still browse the internet; they think you can only take calls and play Snake or whatever on it.

You hate coffee, and don’t even understand why you thought this!

Damn, she’s still asleep. You feel she won’t wake for a while.

What now?

Call your friends and make a pillow war on your living room.

then play sonic runners adventure for java
( if this device don’t run java do some black magic and make it run java apps )

This device can only play games if you buy them! Yeah, it’s a digital storefront for J2ME games, weird but whatever.

Friends? What friends? You don’t have any friends!

Wait yes you do what the fuck is wrong with you


You take out your PDA and look at your contacts on Janam Messenger. (Apparently once you read it uses the MSNP protocol? Nice.)

God, it’s only been a month and a half since hellishCowboy dissapeared? He took his family with him, too, and not even his cousins know what happened to him. He may as well be dead.

Anyways, which friends do you message?

ooc: yes I stole the naming system from pesterchum, easier than making up actual usernames

message fuckthesystem!!! and say ‘‘sup’’


Man, this kid swears like he just discovered swearing.

Who now?

mentallydisturbed, say the same thing ‘‘sup’’


Hell yeah.

You are standing in your BEDROOM. You have a computer running Windows XP, as your computer specs are too bad to run the latest OS, Windows 7. You also wear a pair of sunglasses everywhere, because that’s cool. You go by mentallyDisturbed on Windows Messenger, because that’s a metal name.

What’s your name, anyways?

ooc: totally didnt take the sunglasses part from dave strider, trust me…


You have No Fucking Idea what you’re talking about! Your computer is clearly a Dell Dimension from the Windows 2000 era.

What is your name?

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John Cena

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