You Wake Up In A Room (MG Interactive Adventure #03)

You wake up in a ROOM. Your memory is fuzzy. There are doors NORTH and WEST. There is a torch lighting the room on the east wall, and a barred up small brick-sized hole in the south wall.

> ...

OOC ramblings below.

What makes this different from the other two adventures I did that failed miserably? The thing is, with YWUIAR, I don’t need to use art. This is inspired by old text adventures of days long past, like Zork.

Although I have a basic plotline set up, most of this will be made up as I go.

you take the torch and you go north

> Take the torch

You have acquired the TORCH. This will come in handy for lighting places up. Your TORCH is now in your INVENTORY.

> Go north

The door to your NORTH is locked.

> ...

refuse to advance from wherever you are and curl into a ball of misery until you lose consciousness

Go west

go east

> Refuse to advance from wherever you are and curl into a ball of misery until you lose consciousness. (xsychoreese)

*12 hours pass...*

You wake up in a puddle of your own tears. You'd best advance now...

> Go east (ET404)

You walk into the walls. Smooth moves, fuckwit!

> Go west (mattx)

You open the WEST door. Inside is a TRAPDOOR in the middle of the room, and a door to the EAST. Do you enter the room?

Enter the room

Squawk like an imbecible and shit on the desk.

> Enter the room. (ICTY, mattx)

You enter the room. As previously mentioned, there is a TRAPDOOR in the middle of the room and a door to the EAST. Due to entering the room, you are now able to notice a perfectly circular indentation in the wall about 3 steps away from the door you came through. Perhaps this will be useful later?

> Squawk like an imbecile and shit on the desk. (shadow)

Now is not the time for shenanigans! Besides, there isn't even a desk in this room, and you are unsure why there would be.

> ...

Go down using the trapdoor

> Go down using the trapdoor. (ICTY)

You open the trapdoor to...well, there would be pure darkness, but thanks to picking up the TORCH you can now see a pointy stick laying pointy-end-sideways about five feet below!

...Now how do you grab it while still being able to get out of the hole?

> ...

find a vriska plush for a reason

> Find a Vriska plush for a reason. (shadow)

You are unsure as to what a Vriska is, nevermind where the hell you'd find a plush of it in this hellscape!

> ...

hug the plush coz vriska is your waifu.

> Hug the plush 'cuz Vriska is your waifu. (shadow)

As previously iterated, you do not know what the hell a Vriska (or waifu) is, nor a plush of it would be! You are confused as to why these strange thoughts are in your head.

> ...

suddenly remember everything about this

List exits

pick up that stick and put sticks on top of the steps and go east

OOC: Forgot which direction west was. The west exit in the first room is now east, and vice-versa with the torch wall.

> Pick up that stick... (ICTY)

You can not! Although with most trapdoors leading somewhere there should be steps, for some ungodly reason here there aren't. It's just a five foot drop, and you're fairly sure you can't drop that far nor can you jump out.

> Suddenly remember everything about this. (shadow)

...ugh, okay, I'll bite.

While fishing around in the trapdoor, trying to grab the pointy stick, you remember a few details about yourself; you were a criminal skilled in the art of petty theft. Unfortunately, you were caught? don't really remember much else. Perhaps this was your punishment? Who knoooooooows!

> List exits. (mattx)

Oh God, pray I understand this right...

There is an exit west (the door you came through), and a door south. You can hear noises beyond the door south; miscellaneous chattering. It may not be wise to enter that yet.

Map (will post when asked after this):

D - Door
T - Torch (obviously taken)
H - Hole
o - You!
? - Unknown